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Fortune Brainstorm Design 2018 Coverage Guide

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Fortune launched Brainstorm Design in collaboration with its colleagues at Time and Wallpaper* to explore the increasingly crucial nexus between business and design.

The three-day event was held at The Mandarin Oriental Singapore from March 6 to 8, 2018 and convened the most powerful Fortune 500 executives and the world’s most talented designers. Brainstorm Design is, of course, the latest addition to Fortune’s long-running Brainstorm conference series.

If you weren’t able to attend, no worries—a crack team of reporters were on the ground to report from the sessions.

Here’s a summary of their coverage:

Day 1

How Design Can Help Transform Business
Fortune president Alan Murray welcomes top names to the Brainstorm Design conference.

Why Design and Leadership Are Inextricably Bound Together
CEOs will need to make design their business going forward.

Design Saves Lives, Says Sean Carney of Royal Philips
Healthcare is being revolutionized through design.

Tom Dixon on Design as Alchemy
‘We turn base materials into gold,’ the acclaimed designer says.

Not Every Company Has a Steve Jobs (But Here’s What You Can Do)
Resist the “Moses myth” in favor of a more integrated approach.

Design Needs to Help Fix a Broken World: Paola Antonelli
Restore and repair, don’t simply build and consume, MoMA’s Antonelli says.

Ole Scheeren on How Architecture Enriches Public Life
Great works can change the way we experience the world.

Day 2

Design Is About Connection: WeWork’s Miguel McKelvey
Building relationships is part of the designer’s role, the WeWork founder says.

Too Much Data Hampers Good Design, Says Muji’s Kenya Hara
The Japanese design legend says we need to be content with less information.

Designers Should Use Personalization With Care: Tucker Fort
Sure it’s all about you, says Fort of Smart Design, but selectively so.

The Best Design Is Seamless, Says Samsung’s Design Chief
Don-Tae Lee says product cohesiveness is key to his approach.

How Can You Prepare Design Students for an Uncertain World?
Sarah Stein Greenberg of Stanford’s design school offers some insights.

Here’s Why It’s Important to Talk About Bad Design
There’s too much praising of good design, says author Alice Rawsthorn.

IBM Makes Its Design Thinking Available to Clients
Design general manager Phil Gilbert broke the news at the Brainstorm Design conference.

Changi’s CEO on What It Takes to Be the World’s Best Airport
The challenge is to stay ahead of the pace of change, says Lee Seow Hiang.

This Top Designer Says Lighting Can Be Part of Brand Identity
Good lighting is “emotional marketing,” says top designer Thierry Dreyfus.

Creativity Is More Important Than the Bottom Line: Manolo Blahnik’s CEO
Kristina Blahnik on protecting a design legacy while leading a family business.

‘Be Heard.’ The Life-Changing Power of Social Design
Human-focused design can have powerful results, experts say.

Designers Need to Embrace AI But Responsibly, Say Experts
AI can never replace human creativity, the Brainstorm Design conference was told.

SAP’s Design Chief Explains How to Scale Design Across Organizations
It needs both internal and external change, Sam Yen says.

Top Architects Reimagine the Spaces in Which We Live and Work
Societal shifts are inspiring new directions in retail and public spaces.

The 4 Questions You Must Ask When Briefing Any Designer
Harry West, CEO of Frog Design, shared his insights at the Brainstorm Design conference.

Do We Need to Rethink the Meaning of Design Thinking?
Top designers weigh in on one of design’s most deeply held concepts.

Joe Gebbia Explains How Airbnb Is Helping Refugees
The Airbnb co-founder says companies have to do more that just business.

Design Needs to Become Humanitarian, This Author Says
John Cary says it’s time for design to help solve the world’s pressing problems.

How Facebook Uses Data for Social Good
Facebook’s Elizabeth Laraki says it wants to have ‘real world impact.’

An Expert Panel Debates the Power of Design to Disrupt
Disruptive design is a positive force, delegates at Brainstorm Design are told.

Meet the Man Who Turned Aluminum Into a Material for High-End Art
Alex Rasmussen shares his striking breakthroughs with the material.

Alipay Is Using Data to Design Better Cashless Cities Says Shanying Leung
The mandate of design has never been so broad, says Alipay’s head of UX.

Design Is Continuous Experimentation, Says Patricia Urquiola
The acclaimed Spanish designer draws ideas from past, present and future.

‘A Strong Identity Is an Icon’ Says the Uniqlo Logo Designer
Kashiwa Sato discussed his work at the Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore.

Day 3

Owning an Actual Car Is Soon Going to Seem Obsolete
The way we get around is about to be radically altered, experts told the Brainstorm Design conference.

If You Don’t Embrace Design as a CEO, You’ll Become a Dinosaur, Experts Say
Design has become a critical tool for navigating the age of disruption.

Designers Need to Tackle the Environmental Mess They’ve Made
‘It’s crazy, we’ve had enough,’ the Brainstorm Design conference was told.

This City Wants to See a ‘Basic Level of Design Skill in Everyone’
For the host city of Brainstorm Design 2018, design is about livability.

Design Must Be Inspired by Nature: Daan Roosegaarde
The Dutch artist was speaking at the Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore.

How New Technology Is Changing User Experience
The digital and the physical are no longer separate, said panelists at Brainstorm Design.

‘A Childhood Memory.’ How Masazumi Imai Designed the X-Series Cameras for Fujifilm
“That’s the camera I saw when I was a child.”

This Is What Cities Need More Than Grand Architecture
British architect Nigel Coates on creating relevant public design.

Thomas Heatherwick on the Secret to Successful Urban Design
“Oddness is okay,” the celebrated designer told the Brainstorm Design conference.

Brainstorm Design 2018 Closes After Three Inspiring Days
The conference brought the different tribes of the design community together.