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  1. Client yearning to fire attorney Lerach says Fortune story was last straw
  2. The future of mobile tech, with Texas Instruments CTO Hans Stork
  3. Linux group asks Supreme Court to nix all software patents
  4. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray: what it takes to win a format war
  5. Aussie court ruling on ‘linking’ causing Tizzie
  6. Web 2.0 innovation efforts in India: Hooeey
  7. Palm grabs its OS back, plots Treo’s future
  8. Palm release: We have the OS back
  9. Office-party blunder? How to live it down
  10. Lerach firm will fight client to stay in Halliburton case
  11. Seagate dominates Q3 DVR market, keeps top spot in hard drives
  12. One month to the iPhone: how it will go down
  13. Judge Posner takes book tour to virtual world
  14. New video glasses for iPod: myvu’s very cool
  15. Why Google should buy TiVo now
  16. Should slackers get year-end bonuses, too?
  17. AMD to be big winner, Intel big loser in 2006 chip rankings
  18. Report: Bad buzz for Blu-ray (hope for HD DVD)
  19. The future of password security: no easy answers
  20. Sony’s $1,000 Blu-ray player takes on HD DVD with two strikes against it
  21. Interview: that iPhone will need security, and Spansion has plans
  22. Vista: Microsoft’s last hurrah?
  23. KSR v. Teleflex: The real deal in patent showdowns
  24. The trouble with Palm and its Treo
  25. Anshe Chung: First Virtual Millionaire
  26. Fear the iPod (and the Wii): Web gadget traffic surges
  27. Must I buy my boss a pricey holiday gift?
  28. Palm to launch “Passion Brands” Treo marketing campaign
  29. User-enhanced software: An open suggestion for Adobe or Microsoft (or others)
  30. Is Larry Sonsini getting a bad rap?
  31. TiVo for conference calls, a new iPod use
  32. In dog toy suit, judge tells Louis Vuitton: Chew on this
  33. Sony’s loss is at least $240 on every PS3
  34. Seagate CEO: Google, Web service giants upgrade storage almost yearly
  35. Is the Microsoft-Novell deal dead on arrival?
  36. Adobe offers sneak peek at photography’s future
  37. ‘What’s your greatest weakness?’
  38. Microsoft unveils two paradigm-shifting deals in 7 days
  39. Which will win, Xbox 360 or PS3? Try Seagate.
  40. Syncing life: what Sharpcast is really up to
  41. Treo too feature-rich to attend its screening of Russell Crowe flick
  42. eCosto chip to enable more powerful low-cost phones
  43. What’s wrong with dressing sexy at work?
  44. Analysis: Palm pushing for more influence over Treo’s software destiny
  45. Interview: Slideshare working on privacy features for PowerPoint-sharing service
  46. Web 2.0 play: Adobe open-sources ActionScript VM
  47. Wal-Mart’s $398 laptop
  48. Nvidia snaps up PortalPlayer for a steal; time to chase the iPod?
  49. New study defends BlackBerry against Microsoft’s mobile push
  50. Interview: RFID passports and the security danger
  51. Second red iPod shows charity can pay
  52. Some Mac loyalists turn against Adobe
  53. Backdating: A little less than meets the eye
  54. This credit card might be too secure for you
  55. Intel chips help Apple play to its strengths
  56. Is Apple’s shutdown fix crippling MacBooks?
  57. Patent filing may reveal iPod features, iPhone basics
  58. T-Mobile WiFi phones, SMS train tickets, phone fertility: a roundup
  59. Dell, AMD to make beautiful servers together
  60. FaithFone Wireless: It had to happen eventually
  61. SMS dating rises in India, and inhibitions drop
  62. Google rules the phone; U.S. lags in mobile data
  63. The Grasso judge’s other comp case
  64. Vioxx suit tally: 23,800 cases for 41,750 plaintiffs
  65. Why Apple buying Adobe wouldn’t make sense
  66. Is AMD an American company?: expert feedback
  67. Hey, Gartner: Apple should NOT quit the hardware business
  68. Adobe: CS is coming, and Mac Pro could grab market share
  69. Pellicano Case: Moment of Truth for Bert Fields
  70. H-P charges beset with hurdles
  71. Dell – AMD romance heats up; details next week
  72. YouTube, MySpace grabbing most of the video growth; Yahoo’s in trouble
  73. As YouTube rolls, it’s woodshed time for Yahoo
  74. iPod beware: Mobile music surges in Asia
  75. iTunes vs. the world, Friendster’s fall, and Indian phone smuggling
  76. Improved OQO handheld PC will have cellular
  77. New Sony Altus headphones: are audiophiles embracing iPods?
  78. Product Red: Apple, Sprint get in on smart charity marketing
  79. Sprint takes the covers off network coverage
  80. The Palm OS is a joke, and it’s time for a reckoning
  81. Google’s smart to buy the best: another angle on the YouTube deal
  82. Cost of failure for Google Video: $1.65 billion
  83. Three reasons an iPhone could actually suck
  84. Is AMD an American company?
  85. Soft launch
  86. In the iPod’s world, black is the new white
  87. Top 10 reasons why Intel shouldn’t buy Nvidia
  88. HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray: What if neither wins?
  89. Review: HD DVD laptop a decent early volley vs. Blu-ray
  90. SanDisk chasing a growing phone market in India
  91. Report: Multimedia phones to drive handset display sales in ’07
  92. Slideshare brings PowerPoint to the Web-sharing world
  93. A TouchPad phone: the Synaptics Onyx concept
  94. Nvidia would transform downtown San Jose into new mobile graphics capital
  95. Nokia readies Bluetooth rival; maybe just what Bluetooth needs
  96. HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray: Let’s get ready to rumble
  97. Hard drive price war: The scramble for Maxtor’s leftovers
  98. A new branding push for Sony
  99. Upcoming VAIO C fashion laptops: Sony wants how much?
  100. Review: A beautiful Bluetooth headset from Plantronics. But how does it sound?
  101. Report: Bad Sony batteries will burn up to $280 million out of laptop industry
  102. Is the spying debacle actually good for HP?
  103. New SD card rivals DVD-R capacity
  104. Nintendo Wii scores a spot on Toys ‘R’ Us list of must-haves for the holidays
  105. First look: An anti-bacterial mouse to go with that soap
  106. Review: iPod 80GB, with new iPod Games
  107. Remember when Apple was dead?
  108. A better, cheaper nano: Apple’s holiday gift to itself
  109. Laptops: Tight supply of screens could mean fewer holiday discounts
  110. Google still clobbering Yahoo, MSN
  111. MacBook: Random shutdowns plague users
  112. iPod nano: Behind the colors
  113. The lowdown on iPod Hi-Fi sales
  114. First look: myvu wearable iPod video display is headed somewhere
  115. Review: BlackBerry Pearl is smooth, but no surefire winner
  116. The Biggest Company in America… Is Also a Big Target
  117. The GE Mystique
  118. What Makes GE Great?