Product Red: Apple, Sprint get in on smart charity marketing

October 13, 2006, 7:02 AM UTC


It’s a little odd that red is the color they picked here, because the neocons think Hollywood is full of commie liberals anyway. But no question, it’s a good cause – and folks like Gap are using it to refresh that old marketing genius.

Half the profit from Gap Product Red stuff (most of the detailing is red) will go to The Global Fund, which fights AIDS in Africa.

Sprint’s getting in on the action, with plans to sell a red MOTORAZR V3m – but the odd thing here is that the company’s press release doesn’t seem to say how much Sprint’s giving to The Global Fund when you buy a Red RAZR.

Clearly Sprint can’t be giving away half the profit on sales of the phone, because often there won’t be any immediate profit– U.S. carriers tend to subsidize the price of phones to get people to sign up for multi-month service contracts.


Apple Computer’s being a lot clearer: It’ll donate $10 from the sale of each red iPod nano.

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