Treo too feature-rich to attend its screening of Russell Crowe flick

November 9, 2006, 7:59 AM UTC


You might not notice it in the credits, but in Russell Crowe’s upcoming movie “A Good Year,” which premieres tomorrow, the Palm (PALM) Treo 650 plays a starring role. Crowe’s character, a hard-charging Masters-of-the-Universe-type financial dealmaker, uses a Treo to snap photos and keep up with e-mail as he moves between his big-city job and the French countryside.

As a result, Fox agreed to arrange an advance screening of the film for Palm employees. But when Palm communications director Jim Christensen sent out an e-mail forewarning employees that they would have to leave their Treos in the car during the film, he got back incredulous responses.

But I take my Treo everywhere, they said.

Yes, Christensen said, but you can imagine that Fox 2000 Pictures doesn’t really allow video recording devices – like the Treo, which can store tons of footage on an SD card – into advance screenings.

What if we waited and did the screening on Friday? some asked.

Well, then, Jim said, that would sort of defeat the purpose.

(I feel for the Palm folks. I can admit, I don’t like parting with my Treo, either. It’s an extension of my brain.)