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  1. Hundreds of journalists across seven states just went on strike to demand an end to cost cutting at America’s biggest newspaper chain
  2. Norfolk Southern is first railroad to give all workers sick days—like most other industries have done for decades
  3. Deutsche Bank says the U.S. is headed for a ‘policy led’ recession—it’s the unavoidable ‘boom-bust cycle’
  4. Microsoft reverts software update after tens of thousands report Outlook email outage
  5. Apple’s mixed reality headset is here! Meet the $3,500 Vision Pro, and everything else Apple launched at its developer conference
  6. Hollywood writers are having a steampunk moment, Barclays says. A.I. really will change everything—a few decades from now
  7. Solana, Polygon, Cardano, and BNB named as securities in SEC’s suit against Binance
  8. Bitcoin, Ether, BNB, and other tokens tank after SEC sues Binance and Changpeng Zhao
  9. Apple shares hit a record high fueled by the expected blockbuster premiere of a mixed-reality headset
  10. 4 urgent tasks for new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino
  11. ‘My life has been disrupted’: Atomic Wallet users lose more than $35 million in hack
  12. The alt-right economy is failing. Here’s the real performance of anti-woke entrepreneurs
  13. Larry Summers says that the Fed should consider doubling down on interest rates in July if it pauses in June because the risk of ‘overheating the economy’
  14. Bud Light only has a few months to prevent sustained market share loss, warns former Anheuser-Busch sales exec
  15. This is the day of the week you’re more likely to have a deadly heart attack
  16. Supreme Court to hear a case over trademarking the phrase ‘Trump too small’ and the DOJ is actually Team Trump on this one
  17. Lululemon CEO stands by decision to sack staff for chasing thieves out of a store—and would do it again in the name of safety: ‘It’s only merchandise’
  18. Moody’s chief economist warns the Fed not to ‘sacrifice the economy to the altar of a 2% inflation target’
  19. It’s official: Jamie Dimon isn’t running for president
  20. ‘Extensive web of deception’: SEC accuses Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao of mishandling customer funds, evading U.S. law
  21. No survivors were found in the crash of a plane that flew over Washington D.C. and caused a fighter jet fire drill and sonic boom
  22. Binance seeking to ‘demonstrate that we are a new organization’ as regulatory headwinds swirl
  23. Spotify lays off 200 as it reworks podcast division
  24. New Barbie movie really did cause a global pink paint shortage
  25. A blog post detailed a Sam Altman freakout about a huge chips shortage threatening OpenAI. Then it was taken down
  26. Coinbase and Binance want to dominate crypto. But both could lose to Charles Schwab and Wall Street, says new report
  27. Women hold 10.4% of Fortune 500 CEO jobs, a sign that companies are recognizing the value of diverse leadership
  28. Why fewer founder-CEOs run Fortune 500 companies in 2023
  29. IMF head Kristalina Georgieva warns Fed may need to hike interest rates even further to cool down an overheating U.S. economy
  30. From Airbnb to Lululemon, 15 companies join the Fortune 500 for the first time
  31. Top benefits LGBTQ employees want in the workplace in 2023
  32. Biden administration will hand out $570 million in grants to help eliminate dangerous railroad crossings in 32 states
  33. Gen Z is investing younger than any past generation and American Gen Zers are leading the way—with crypto acting as the gateway drug
  34. Exclusive: GV promotes 4 new general partners as the firm gears up for ‘the next 15 years’
  35. How the ‘Amazon of Asia,’ founded by a Harvard Business School dropout, landed on the Fortune 500 for the first time
  36. ‘Not bad for a granddad’: Bill Gates is ‘mixing up’ his summer book recommendations by making a music playlist for fans this year
  37. Prince Harry didn’t show up for the first day of his phone hacking trial—and the judge was not impressed
  38. Airbnb lost 80% of its business in March 2020. Now, its CFO explains how it landed on the Fortune 500 for the first time
  39. Women CEOs run 10.4% of Fortune 500 companies. A quarter of the 52 leaders became CEO in the last year
  40. This state boasts the most Fortune 500 companies, with $2.6 trillion in total revenue—and it’s not California or New York
  41. Half of finance workers would quit if their bosses required them to spend more time in the office
  42. Elon Musk’s Twitter hires another ad-focused executive to bolster its business even as its content moderation team bleeds key leaders
  43. Big oil, health care, and Texas are the big winners on this year’s Fortune 500
  44. The Fortune 500 has a record number of female and Black CEOs this year. The numbers still stink
  45. Can home shopping become cool? Qurate CEO David Rawlinson wants to bring QVC and HSN into the streaming era
  46. A brief history of zero-knowledge proofs, the buzzy mathematical technique that’s taken crypto by storm
  47. This 19-year-old real estate agent already makes six figures—here’s her long game
  48. Big companies from PepsiCo to General Motors are still backing Pride events even after Target and Bud Light face anti-LGBTQ+ backlash
  49. Black CEOs on the Fortune 500 reach new record high in 2023—meet the 8 executives
  50. Morgan Stanley says don’t get too excited about rising U.S. stocks—a major drop in corporate earnings will kill the rally
  51. Nicola Mendelsohn battled an incurable cancer on her way to becoming a top Meta exec. Now she’s trying to solve the Facebook parent’s growth crisis
  52. Have we reached peak Tesla?
  53. ‘A.I. is not a person’: Hollywood studios sign deal with directors as new technology becomes a flashpoint for striking writers
  54. Pot farmers are going broke growing for a New York legal weed market that’s not taking off: ‘We’re all losing money’
  55. S&P Global: Commercial real estate loan delinquency rate ‘rises sharply’
  56. 5 easy exercises to relieve neck pain in under 5 minutes
  57. A company replaced all of its managers with coaches. Employees became 20% more productive–and much happier