Here are this year’s Fortune 500 companies by region

This year’s Fortune 500 companies stood out in terms of the sheer amount of revenue they generated. 

In total, the companies produced $16.1 trillion in revenue, equal to two-thirds of America’s GDP. To even make it on the list this year, companies had to produce at least $6.4 billion in revenue, a 19% increase from 2020.

That revenue comes from all kinds of industries, from tech to oil to automobiles. And Fortune 500 companies are scattered all across the U.S.  

Here’s a visual breakdown of where those companies are headquartered by region, and what industries dominate which areas. 

The Western Region

The Western Region is home to Silicon Valley and some of the biggest players in the tech industry.

Companies like Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, and Meta Platforms are all in San Jose, while Los Angeles is home to the Walt Disney Company, video game giant Activision Blizzard, and health insurer Molina. California alone has 50 Fortune 500 companies, which collectively earned over $401 billion in profits—a 75% increase from the previous year.

California-based Fortune 500 companies also boast the highest total market value, at a whopping $10.3 trillion dollars. 

Amazon and Starbucks, meanwhile, are nestled in Seattle along with Fortune 500 newcomer Zillow.

The Midwest Region

The cities in the Midwest Region with the highest number of company headquarters are Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit. While Chicago has companies from a variety of sectors, including aerospace giant Boeing and utilities company Exelon, a majority of Chicago-based Fortune 500 companies are in the food industry. Prominent names include McDonald’s, food production giant Archer Daniels Midland, and Molson Coors Beverage. Minneapolis hosts a diversified group of companies, including Target, which ranked No. 32 on the Fortune 500. Michigan is the automotive hub: Detroit is home to Ford, General Motors, and Lear, while companies like Autoliv and Penske are headquartered in neighboring cities.

The Northeast Region

The state of New York ranks second in the country, behind Texas, for the most Fortune 500 company headquarters. The 51 companies there cumulatively brought in $1.6 trillion in revenue for the 2021 fiscal year. New York City’s Madison Avenue is dotted with financial companies like JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock.

Other big names in the Midtown area include Verizon Communications, Macy’s, Footlocker, and Fox.

Notable insurance companies like MetLife, TIAA, and New York Life Insurance are also based in the city.

The Southern Region

The Southern Region has the most Fortune 500 companies, and a large number of them are based in Texas and belong to the oil and gas industry. Phillips 66, KBR, and ConocoPhillips are only a few of the many energy companies that are headquartered in Houston; Sysco, the food-service company, is also based in that city. The pandemic hit the energy sector hard in 2020, causing $51 billion in losses that year. But then it rebounded in 2021, and Fortune 500 companies in that sector nationwide posted $128 billion in profits. The Fortune 500’s No. 1 ranked company, Walmart, is also in the region, based in Bentonville, Ark.

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