These ‘Best Companies to Work For’ for Are Hiring for More Than 110,000 Jobs

February 15, 2018, 10:54 PM UTC

Looking for a company where you can bring your dog to work, take four months of parental leave, or land a $100,000 bonus? Good news, Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For are looking for new employees to join their teams. The 2018 list includes 160,288 job openings across 100 companies.

The organizations on the list are looking to grow their workforces by more than 6% on average. From grocery stores to consulting firms, these are the companies with the most open positions:


Courtesy of Doug Menuez/FedEx

Current job openings: 20,000
HQ: Memphis, Tennessee
Second largest location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Most common salaried job: Crew member
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Comcast NBCUniversal

Comcast -100-best-companies-hiring
John Leyba—Denver Post via Getty Images

Current job openings: 12,044
HQ: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Second largest location: New York, New York
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Delta Airlines

Drew Angerer—Getty Images

Current job openings: 10,000
HQ: Atlanta, Georiga
Second largest location: Boston, Massachusetts
Most common salaried job: Frontline leader
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Courtesy of [hotlink]Nordstrom[/hotlink], Inc
Current job openings: 8,235
HQ: Seattle, Washington
Second largest location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Most common salaried job: Full-line stores sales department manager
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Four Seasons Hotels

Four Seasons Hotel-100-best-companies-hiring
Courtesy of Marianna Jamadi/Four Seasons Hotel

Current job openings: 7,670
HQ: Toronto, Ontario
Second largest location: Los Angeles, California
Most common salaried job: Assistant food and beverage outlet manager
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Tips from the recruiter: “Precision is ever important,” says Michael Hirschler, director of human resources at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle. “In the Four Seasons guest service environment, attention to detail is paramount to providing an unmatched experience. There is no room for grammar or spelling errors. Messaging should be succinct and unique, not cookie cutter, or addressed to either the wrong person or location.”

Publix Super Markets

Publix Supermarkets-100-best-companies-hiring
Courtesy of Publix Supermarkets

Current job openings: 6,790
HQ: Lakeland, Florida
Second largest location: Atlanta, Georgia
Most common salaried job: Store manager
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Tips from the recruiter: “We are looking for candidates who have a servant’s heart—willing to do the tasks they’ve been hired to do—and perpetuate the Publix culture by exceeding the needs of our customers,” says manager of talent acquisition Marcy Hamrick.

Marriott International

Marriott International-100-best-companies-hiring
Courtesy of Marriott International

Current job openings: 6,182
HQ: Bethesda, Maryland
Second largest location: Washington, D.C.
Most common salaried job: Event manager
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Courtesy of Steve Rokks/Deloitte

Current job openings: 4,854
HQ: New York, New York
Second largest location: Rosslyn, Virginia
Most common salaried job: Senior consultant
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Edward Jones

Edward Jones-100-best-companies-hiring
Courtesy of Edward Jones

Current job openings: 3,831
HQ: St. Louis, Missouri
Second largest location: Washington, D.C.
Most common salaried job: Senior programmer analyst
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Tips from the recruiter: “Don’t come for a job—come for the career opportunity,” says Tom Curran, principal, financial advisor talent acquisition. “Come here if you want to grow and learn. We offer career-long training because our clients need an advisor who will grow because their needs will grow.”

Hilton Worldwide

Courtesy of Hilton

Current job openings: 3,610
HQ: Mclean, Virginia
Second largest location: Orlando, Florida
Most common salaried job: Senior sales manager
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Tips from the recruiter: “We’re very excited to be piloting many cutting edge tools to help our applicants have a better candidate experience and also reduce our time to hire,” says Sarah Smart, VP of corporate and executive recruitment. “Some of our new approaches to the recruiting process include: video interviewing to help candidates better tell their story and chatbots that give candidates the opportunity to interact with Hilton recruiting at any time of day.”


Courtesy of Sheetz

Current job openings: 3,483
HQ: Altoona, Pennsylvania
Second largest location: Claysburg, Pennsylvania
Most common salaried job: Store manager
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Tips from the recruiter:At Sheetz, we have countless employees who started at a store location as a part-time employee, who now work in some of our highest positions,” the company says. “Candidates view Sheetz as a quick stop in their career—look for the opportunities to advance with us!”


Courtesy of Halkin Mason/PwC

Current job openings: 3,341
HQ: New York, New York
Second largest location: Chicago, Illinois
Most common salaried job: Associate
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Courtesy of Accenture

Current job openings: 3,300
HQ: New York, New York
Second largest location: Chicago, Illinois
Most common salaried job: Consultant
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Tips from the recruiter: “We look for people who are comfortable with ambiguity and who embrace continuous learning,” says Kim Cleaves, managing director of North America talent acquisition. “The pace of change in business today is unprecedented. A hunger for learning is critical to staying fresh and relevant.”

American Express

American Express-100-best-companies-hiring
Courtesy of American Express

Current job openings: 3,000
HQ: New York, New York
Second largest location: Phoenix, Arizona
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Tips from the recruiter: “Our employees join our team for the rewarding challenges and ongoing opportunities to help grow our company for the future,” the company’s recruiters say. “Candidates should be able to clearly articulate how their skills and experiences will help American Express move the business forward in the digital era. They should also demonstrate a track record for driving innovation and new ways of working that would help increase value to our shareholders and customers.”


Courtesy of EY

Current job openings: 2,600
HQ: New York, New York
Second largest location: Chicago, Illinois
Most common salaried job: Client-side manager
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Tips from the recruiter: “Qualities like an inclination toward solving complex problems, being able to analyze data for trends and opportunities, and the ability to adapt to varying circumstances are important. But the top quality we look for is grit,” says Larry Nash, U.S. recruiting leader, at Ernst & Young. “We would define grit as mental toughness and agility, coupled with resilience. As disruption and technology change the world of work so quickly, we say we are preparing professionals for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, to solve problems we haven’t yet identified. So that grit is really an invaluable and irreplaceable quality that will help candidates to succeed as professionals of the future at EY.”

The Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory-100-best-companies-hiring
Courtesy of Cheesecake Factory

Current job openings: 2,400
HQ: Calabasas Hills, California
Most common salaried job: Restaurant manager
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USAA (United Services Automobile Association)

Courtesy of USAA

Current job openings: 2,318
HQ: San Antonio, Texas
Second largest location: Phoenix, Arizona
Most common salaried job: Claims service manager
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Tips from the recruiter: “Join our talent network and follow us on social media to be informed first when opportunities arise,” says John McGarrity, executive director. “We have many applicants for opportunities we post so the sooner you are made aware of the opportunity, the sooner you can present yourself for consideration.”

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs-100-best-companies-hiring
Courtesy of Dan Bigelow/Goldman Sachs

Current job openings: 2,300
HQ: New York, New York
Second largest location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Most common salaried job: Other exempt (analysts, program analysts, associates, and professional non-exempt)
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Tips from the recruiter: “Preparation is important. Take the time to learn more about financial services, our firm, and the specific division and role that you’re applying to,” says Vicki Tung, head of Goldman Sachs campus recruiting. “Being able to clearly articulate your story, experiences, and qualifications as well as why you’re interested in Goldman Sachs will go a long way in making a positive impression.”

BayCare Health System

Baycare Health System-100-best-companies-hiring
Courtesy of Baycare Health System

Current job openings: 2,187
HQ: Clearwater, Florida
Second largest location: Tampa, Florida
Most common salaried job: Clinical pharmacist
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Tips from the recruiter: “Saying ‘I want to just want to get my foot in the door’ should always be avoided!” says Angel Brown, director of recruitment and talent acquisition. “Hiring authorities are looking for talent who would like to learn and grow in their area and are excited about future growth opportunities.”

Wegmans Food Markets

Courtesy of Rich Schaub/Wegmans

Current job openings: 2,000
HQ: Rochester, New York
Second largest location: Buffalo, New York
Most common salaried job: Store department manager
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