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Mark Cuban Believes Health Care ‘Should Be a Right’

As the fight over Obamacare and Trumpcare continues to swirl, billionaire investor Mark Cuban made clear his views on health care in a recent interview.

It “should be a right,” he told Business Insider, before the American Health Care Act, whose passage would have rolled back the Affordable Care Act, was withdrawn from Congress last week.

Saying that all sides of the U.S. health care debate were “ignoring the basic question,” the Shark Tank investor asked, alluding to a question he credited to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders: “Is health care a right or an opportunity in the United States?”

“I believe that, given we all face the exact same genetic and wrong place, wrong time risks, coverage of most chronic and life-threatening illnesses or injuries should be a right,” the Dallas Mavericks owner said.

Cuban, who went from praising then-GOP contender Donald Trump to becoming an all-out supporter of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, has a visibly tense relationship with the President. Earlier this month when asked by The Washington Post, he didn’t rule out the possibility of running against Trump in 2020—something he has repeatedly alluded to in different ways.