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  1. Credit Suisse failure follows years of scandal and mistrust—with an Ohio mattress company playing a role
  2. UBS on Credit Suisse takeover: ‘We will be de-risking a lot of the tricky businesses that we are inheriting’
  3. New York Community Bancorp looks to acquire failed Signature Bank
  4. Credit Suisse’s $17B of risky bonds now worthless after takeover by UBS: ‘Those bonds were created for moments like this’
  5. Bitcoin tops $28,000 for first time since June 2022 amid banking chaos, high inflation, hopes for dovish Fed
  6. UBS to buy Credit Suisse for more than $3B in government-brokered deal aiming to restore confidence
  7. ‘Shazam!’ sequel tops box office on opening weekend but falls short of modest expectations
  8. Elizabeth Warren calls for lifting FDIC insurance cap, possibly into the millions, after SVB failure exposes regional banks risk
  9. Credit Suisse’s riskiest bonds rise after UBS deal to buy troubled lender
  10. FDIC leans toward Silicon Valley Bank breakup plan, pushes back deadline for bids
  11. Warren Buffett in talks with Biden administration on regional banking crisis, possible investment
  12. The SVB blame game is infecting Capitol Hill: Democrats and Republicans are pointing the finger at each other
  13. Gary Lineker returns to the BBC’s ‘Match of the Day’ with a simple ‘It’s great to be here’
  14. Switzerland mulls nationalization of Credit Suisse as UBS’s $1 billion offer deemed too low
  15. California Gov. Gavin Newsom targets ‘market disruption’ with 10-year deal to make cheap insulin
  16. Taylor Swift kicks off Eras Tour with no direct shot at Ticketmaster, but thanks fans for ‘considerable effort’ to be there
  17. Wyoming governor signs into law America’s first explicit ban on abortion pills
  18. Pentagon study reveals real ‘Top Gun’: Military pilots, ground crew have unusually high rates of cancer
  19. UBS faces pushback after offering to buy Credit Suisse for $1 billion
  20. 3 signs your new employee regrets working with you and will boomerang back to their old job
  21. OpenAI GPT-4 users win followers by sharing how they’re using it—including to start businesses in ‘HustleGPT challenge’
  22. How a 44-year-old built up enough ‘f–k you money’ to retire early: ‘It’s not just avoid avocado toast’
  23. The strict anti-aging routine of a 45-year-old CEO who spends millions a year to be 18 again—from diet to exercise
  24. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman warns that other A.I. developers working on ChatGPT-like tools won’t put on safety limits—and the clock is ticking
  25. Credit Suisse crisis fuels another weekend of dread as fear of ‘unknown unknowns’ mounts among traders, money managers
  26. Bank crisis will tip U.S. into hard landing after all, says Apollo’s chief economist: ‘I changed my view’
  27. Remote workers doing more work at night are taking afternoon breaks, and golf courses are among those benefiting
  28. Bernie Sanders says SVB’s CEO was on the regional Fed board overseeing it, plans bill to ‘end this conflict of interest’
  29. Nuclear power plant 35 miles outside Minneapolis leaked radioactive waste but officials waited months to notify public
  30. Investors feel bullish as ‘stock market had every chance to crater, but didn’t’ this week despite bank collapses
  31. New Mexico says no to storing spent nuclear fuel as Biden touts nuclear energy: ‘The trouble is this is a forever decision’ 
  32. A bifurcated housing market: Average Idaho homeowner sees equity decline by $21K while typical Florida homeowner gained $49K in 2022
  33. Elon Musk’s new Twitter verification system helped pro-Kremlin voices spread misleading claims after the Ohio train disaster
  34. Trump tells followers he ‘will be arrested on Tuesday,’ urges them to protest
  35. Meet the 25-year-old theater educator juggling multiple side gigs to make ends meet: ‘Having to live this way is never worth it’
  36. More American women are single than ever before—and it’s costing them big money
  37. Seniors looking for unbiased answers to their big Medicare questions should be taking advantage of this government program
  38. Silicon Valley’s hubris nearly ruined the U.S. economy
  39. ‘SuperAgers’ have memories similar to those 20 to 30 years younger. Here’s how
  40. An inflammatory diet could be hurting your sleep. What foods to avoid (and which to indulge in)
  41. Inside the Waldorf Astoria that replaced the Trump hotel in Washington, D.C.
  42. Ford is recalling 1.5 million cars that are susceptible to leaky brake hoses and broken windshield wipers
  43. Cruise says it doesn’t need a greenlight from federal highway regulators to test its autonomous Origin shuttle on Texas roads
  44. UBS is considering buying troubled Credit Suisse in what would be just the latest banking upheaval since the industry’s recent tumble into chaos
  45. If the Feds fail to find big banks to buy SVB and Signature, the likeliest buyers are the one group they don’t want to sell to
  46. Michael Jordan is reportedly close to selling his NBA franchise to the hedge fund billionaire at the center of the WallStreetBets/GameStop saga
  47. Are raccoon dogs the missing link in the mystery of COVID-19’s origins? The answer depends on whom you talk to
  48. Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX had a gargantuan $7 billion hole in its balance sheet when it collapsed last year
  49. ‘I’M BACK!’: Donald Trump posts on Facebook for first time since he was banned two years ago
  50. The ex-police officer who murdered George Floyd was also a tax dodger