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  1. Jack Dorsey endorses fellow Bitcoin advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for president—and predicts he’ll win
  2. Debt-ceiling deal wildly profitable for mystery trader, raising suspicions of insider trading
  3. ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ dominates box office in one of year’s strongest debuts
  4. Higher gas prices could soon hit U.S. drivers as Saudi Arabia doubles down on oil production cuts
  5. Amazon is unfazed by remote workers protesting its return-to-office mandate: ‘There’s more energy, collaboration, and connections happening’
  6. Why is inflation still so bad? Extreme-low unemployment rates in these states are a major factor
  7. Star of Apple developer conference expected to be mixed-reality headset that could be another company milestone—or join VR and AR duds
  8. A millennial family earning $170,000 who has been living ‘monk-like’ to build wealth fears a ‘pending financial storm’ of student debt and childcare
  9. China play that fueled luxury stocks fizzles out, helping Elon Musk oust Bernard Arnault as world’s richest billionaire
  10. 7 ways to care for elderly parents who live far away
  11. This sex toys company CEO partnered with a supermodel and became a media darling. Then it all fell apart
  12. There is a best time of day to exercise and it may lead to better results
  13. Qatar Airways won’t include first class on its next-gen aircraft because it’s pointless, CEO says
  14. Biden signs debt limit bill: ‘We averted an economic crisis’
  15. This city dodged the 2008 housing market crash—now it’s the epicenter of the pandemic correction
  16. TikTok used to show mental health content on tobacco-related searches. Now these searches return endless streams of substance use and abuse
  17. ‘The time has come’: GOP lawmakers urge pushback to China’s Micron ban and ‘economic coercion’
  18. Harvard professor taps A.I. to help teach world’s most popular online computer class
  19. Taiwan war would be ‘devastating’ for world, Lloyd Austin warns at Shangri-La Dialogue
  20. Europe’s summer will be like a ‘postcard from the future’ after solar beat coal for the first time—and exposed flaws in the energy system
  21. Credit scores are critical for getting approved for home and car loans. Here’s how they’re calculated and how you can improve your score
  22. Your early childhood skills will become more important to landing a job than your degree, says a Harvard future of work professor
  23. This Week in the Metaverse: Apple and Meta’s looming headset war
  24. Chipmaker TSMC needs to hire 4,500 Americans at its new Arizona plants. Its ‘brutal’ corporate culture is getting in the way
  25. Frequent marijuana users tend to be leaner and less likely to develop diabetes. But the pseudo-health benefits come at a price, experts say
  26. Your brain starts shrinking after 30. What you need to do next to keep your mind sharp and clear
  27. ‘The Force has left Lucasfilm’: What has gone wrong for the studio behind ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones’—and how Disney’s Bob Iger can salvage his $4 billion investment
  28. Rebecca and Keeley of ‘Ted Lasso’ demonstrate the importance of intergenerational friendships in life and at work
  29. Joe Biden says U.S. averted ‘economic collapse’ with debt ceiling deal and gives rare praise to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy
  30. Apple bulls are bracing for a Tim Cook ‘flex’ moment
  31. Taylor Swift’s Argentina concert tickets are such a bargain thanks to 100% inflation that some Americans may fly there to take advantage
  32. Beverly Hills isn’t so luxury obsessed after all. Voters there just turned their noses up to a new chic hotel from billionaire Bernard Arnault
  33. YouTube does an about-face on election denial videos by saying they’re now permitted to enhance ‘political speech’
  34. Some of Florida’s trans residents have crowdsourced $200,000 to escape the state
  35. Amazon is coming for the mobile phone industry and might offer free service to Prime members
  36. American Express Gold Card review: Impressive rewards for foodies and travelers
  37. People can’t get enough of spontaneous moments because they think it reveals authenticity—but they like a plan when money’s on the line
  38. Elon Musk loses two Twitter safety executives in one week amid questions over harmful content, advertiser relations
  39. Moldova is desperate to get into the EU but it’s going to be have a tough time getting out of Russia’s long shadow
  40. The A.I. job culling has already begun and 4,000 people lost work last month to the technology, according to a new report
  41. The Term Sheet monthly wrap: Biggest deals, funding rounds, and top stories
  42. Here’s what it might look like if A.I. is deployed to sway elections—And what we can do to stop it
  43. Can Apple make its headset inevitable?
  44. Key House committees team up on bill that would provide clarity to crypto markets
  45. Panama Canal water levels are dangerously low because of a massive drought and it could mean bad things for global inflation
  46. Ford says some Lincoln SUVs should only be parked outdoors because they can catch fire—even with the engine off
  47. A.I. will change career trajectories, says HP CEO: ‘From doing things to interpreting things’
  48. Bruce Willis’ family missed a common early dementia symptom—and they’re not alone. 5 ways to tell if it’s more serious than normal aging
  49. The world’s typical billionaire is mostly just like Bill Gates: A 67-year-old boomer entrepreneur
  50. A Florida judge just recused himself from Disney’s fight against Gov. Ron DeSantis because his relative owns stock in the company
  51. There’s a new spelling bee champ and he’s a 14 year old from Florida with an exercise routine to help sharpen his focus
  52. Nike’s chief design officer tells new college grads his superpower is ‘wonder’ and dyslexia is a ‘gift to see the world differently’
  53. Nintendo formally ends all digital video game sales in Russia
  54. As job market soars, major U.S. retailers are predicting recession amid surprise consumer pullback
  55. Gen Z needs brand-new skills to climb to the C-suite: ‘What got me here will not get them there,’ says health care CEO
  56. The debt ceiling deal has reduced access to supplemental food plans. Here’s why that’s a false economy
  57. Mark Cuban says embracing diversity is just good business: ‘Call me woke’
  58.  I embarked on a no-spend challenge for 3 days—here’s what I learned 
  59. Here’s where to get free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day 2023
  60. There’s a global backlash brewing against the US dollar as world leaders say it’s being weaponized for American interests
  61. Nowhere to hide for crypto VCs
  62. For stakeholders to put faith in ESG metrics, the ESG ‘information ecosystem’ needs to evolve
  63. The labor market remains vibrant despite the Fed’s best efforts as the economy adds another 339,000 jobs—but unemployment is rising
  64. Elon Musk accused of insider trading (again) to rake in $124 million from Dogecoin sales by temporarily changing Twitter logo to a Shiba Inu
  65. You should lower your expectations for Apple’s magic headset
  66. Who is Caroline Ellison? 9 associates’ impressions of the FTX-linked Alameda CEO
  67. Netflix bosses’ multimillion-dollar bonuses may be on the line this year because of the writers strike
  68. One of the most Instagrammable cities in Europe wants to ban Airbnb rentals
  69. The mental health crisis is decimating America’s workforce–but we only have enough therapists for 7% of the population
  70. Arizona is cutting housing construction near Phoenix because there’s no longer enough water
  71. How Biden and House Speaker McCarthy ‘shrunk the room’ to get to a debt ceiling deal and avoid a disastrous default
  72. How a Jiffy Lube franchisee with 500 locations used machine learning to fine-tune their finance tech transformation
  73. At meditation app Calm, mental well-being is key to retaining LGBTQ employees
  74. ‘All hell is going to break loose’: Property titan and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran says Elon Musk is right about commercial office space
  75. 10 must-have qualities every board member should cultivate
  76. Many people on Medicare lack internet access and digital literacy, and it’s harming their health. How some groups want to address this ‘urgent problem’
  77. Tesla CEO Elon Musk praises Shanghai employees for meeting him near midnight after blasting the U.S. ‘laptop class’ for working from home
  78. Elon Musk convinced 19 luminary investors to help him buy Twitter. Here’s what their stakes are worth now
  79. PayPal and Venmo users shouldn’t store money on the apps long term because the funds might not be safe during a crisis, federal watchdog warns
  80. Grindr CEO says corporate America’s response to LGBTQ backlash is too timid: ‘They don’t put the dollars where they should’
  81. Elon Musk convinced pals Marc Andreessen, Changpeng Zhao and Prince Al Waleed to invest in Twitter. They’re down 67%, according to a new Fidelity filing
  82. Inside Tennessee drag queens’ fight against the bill trying to knock down their livelihoods and their art: ‘They want to silence us completely’
  83. Chinese consumers are flocking back to high-end goods as Lululemon reports a 79% jump in China sales
  84. Most Fortune 500 CEOs aren’t worried about a recession, with 60% planning to hire more employees this year
  85. Airbnb is suing New York City over new rules that it says would strangle supply of short-term rentals
  86. What your company needs to build a winning ‘Deep Tech’ strategy
  87. Senate passes Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal with just days to spare before U.S. hits default date
  88. Fortune 500 CEOs aren’t afraid of A.I.—but an impending recession is another story
  89. This is the exact temperature to help you fall asleep, according to experts
  90. Self-made real estate millionaire Barbara Corcoran says it’s a ‘good time to buy’ because home prices are going to ‘explode’ when mortgage rates drop 
  91. Apple’s new Goldman Sachs savings accounts excited savers with high interest rates—now some users are struggling to get their money out
  92. Being a morning person comes with major benefits for your brain and body. 5 ways to become one
  93. New details about Jeffrey Epstein’s jail suicide and are revealed including his dislike of his orange jumpsuit and calling himself a ‘coward’
  94. U.S. intelligence hacked thousands of iPhones belonging to Russians and diplomats from other countries, Russia says
  95. Twitter’s head of trust and safety Ella Irwin has resigned and her Slack account is deactivated, according to sources
  96. Mark Zuckerberg turns the screw on remote work by requiring Meta employees to be in the office 3 days weekly to help them ‘do their best work’
  97. Tech layoffs are the highest they’ve been since the dotcom bubble burst 22 years ago while media job cuts are even worse
  98. Senate votes to block Biden’s $20,000 student loan forgiveness plan. Without his veto, relief would be ‘snatched away’ from borrowers
  99. Billy Joel will end his record-breaking residency at Madison Square Garden next year after 150 performances at the venue
  100. Apple has big plans to expand is retail business into China and plans to open another 53 stores around the world in the next 4 years
  101. The Federal government wants to make sure that automated formulas valuing homes don’t discriminate against people of color
  102. Taking off-brand versions of weight-loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy is a very bad idea, FDA says
  103. ‘What’s happening in the office sector is apocalyptical’: This commercial real estate CEO says the crash has already started
  104. Elon Musk wraps up his China visit after meeting with government ministers and a late night visit to the Tesla Gigafactory
  105. U.S. is opening its first diplomatic post above the Arctic Circle and it will be staffed by a single ‘consul’
  106. Here’s everything you need to know about the new ‘Diablo IV’ game about to drop described as ‘the most brutal vision’ yet
  107. The former chief business officer at Google’s moonshot division says the need to regulate A.I. is ‘beyond an emergency’
  108. The Senate is racing to meet the looming debt ceiling deadline before a catastrophic default as they vow to ‘keep working until the job is done’
  109. The founder of a wildly profitable hedge fund just gave $500 million to his state school alma mater and more than doubled its endowment
  110. How the A.I. revolution is liberating workers from the return to the office
  111. The pickleball gold rush is in full swing as everyone from Lebron James to Eva Longoria gets in on the action
  112. Even before summer has started, Canada is fighting 200 wildfires that are raging across the country
  113. A little-known lung infection that can cause severe symptoms and has no approved vaccine is stealing the spotlight from COVID
  114. Hedge funds are using ChatGPT to do all their mundane grunt work usually relegated to junior staffers
  115. Amazon’s Ring and Alexa privacy charges include lessons for the whole tech industry
  116. Millennials have been racing ‘against the clock’ to save thousands during the student loan payment pause: ‘It feels like I’ve gotten away with something’
  117. The Chinese Yuan could finally become a fierce competitor for the US dollar
  118. Social Security is in trouble: Checks could be cut 23% by 2034
  119. How the WHO is using radical transparency to change its culture of ‘rampant’ sexual misconduct
  120. Federal Reserve orders defunct crypto bank Silvergate to carry out wind-down process
  121. Blur overtakes OpenSea even as monthly NFT trading falls below $1 billion for first time in 2023
  122. Nvidia was born in the booth of a bullet-ridden Denny’s—now it’s worth $1 trillion
  123. Workers worry that A.I. will lead to a slash in pay, even as it mints new $300,000 jobs
  124. Meta is launching a $500 headset days before Apple is set to unveil its $3,000 offering as the battle for VR heats up
  125. Barack Obama shares 3 pieces of career advice for Gen Z: ‘Worry more about what you want to do rather than what you want to be’
  126. Disney World welcomes thousands of LGBTQ+ people to celebrate Gay Days: ‘We are here, we are queer and we aren’t going anywhere’
  127. A surge of retirements means companies are desperate for niche workers like airline mechanics and nurses
  128. Ford recalls Broncos as drivers could be ‘discouraged’ when trying to use the seatbelts
  129. Gemini looks to Dubai and nabs Singapore license as U.S. crypto companies continue overseas expansion
  130. A Japanese airline is offering an ‘all-you-can-fly’ monthly package for less than $300 as the airline bets on remote workers
  131. The Great Resignation could become the Great Retention as turnover plummets
  132. Binance is either 3 steps ahead or in big trouble—it’s hard to tell
  133. Fed officials are signaling that the central bank probably won’t hike interest rates in June
  134. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs sues spirits company for billions, claiming it was racist to his vodka and tequila business
  135. The Slack CEO who replaced Stewart Butterfield wants to make Slack more like its new parent Salesforce—and vice versa
  136. FICO and VantageScore are two super important credit scoring models. So how are they different?
  137. From firing 9,000 people after a buyout to earning the nickname ‘The Terminator,’ this is how LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault made his money
  138. An academic, who has spent his career studying CFOs, says there are 7 key capabilities they must develop to become digital leaders
  139. Salesforce’s latest earnings hint that its fortunes have turned around—and CEO Marc Benioff says it’s thanks to the controversial ‘performance culture’
  140. Crypto VCs are facing a harsh reality as they navigate big bets on tokens during the downturn
  141. Richard Branson, billionaire founder of Virgin, shares the most useful skills for entrepreneurs
  142. GSK CEO Emma Walmsley says A.I. could improve Big Pharma’s most ‘profound’ challenge: R&D productivity
  143. E-bike injuries: ‘We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg,’ trauma experts warn
  144. Jaguar is recalling I-Pace electric SUVs because the batteries can catch fire—and telling owners to park them outside in the meantime
  145. How the work-from-home trend could trigger the next banking blowup
  146. ‘Token projects have to eat that sh*t every day’: Crypto VCs face a harsh reality in the bear market
  147. Salesforce picked one of its own execs to become Slack’s CEO. Now she’s patching up a $27.7 billion marriage
  148. Americans are still having fewer babies than before the COVID-19 pandemic
  149. The Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal that no one liked sails through the House, leaving the Senate as the final hurdle
  150. Hong Kong is bringing back retail crypto trading. Will China be next?
  151. What to know about metapneumovirus—the respiratory infection you’ve never heard of that spiked this spring
  152. Nvidia’s market value topped $1 trillion because of excitement over A.I. chips. Here’s what’s so special about them
  153. Top publishing CEO says people are reading more because streaming services are too expensive: ‘You’d get 2 books every month’ for the cost of Netflix
  154. A group flagged 100 racist or ‘hateful’ tweets by users of Twitter’s $8/month premium service—4 days later, 99 of the tweets were still there
  155. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talks up A.I. ambitions—and dinner with Sam Altman—in earnings call anecdote
  156. Moody’s: Home prices in Chicago are undervalued while Tampa is overvalued—here’s how the other 402 major housing markets look
  157. Jamie Dimon responds emphatically to lawsuit over sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein: ‘I’ve never met Jeff Epstein. I never knew Jeff Epstein’
  158. Amazon pays $30 million to settle FTC accusations that it sacrificed ‘privacy for profits’ with Alexa assistant and Ring cameras
  159. Mother nature has 8 ‘planetary boundaries’ that humans must maintain for civilization to operate and we’ve already violated 7 of them
  160. ‘Listen to your employees’: Amazon workers walk off the job to protest climate and return-to-the-office policies amid massive layoffs
  161. Elon Musk is back to being the world’s richest person with a blockbuster net worth of $192 billion
  162. I’ve had an Amex Platinum card for 5 years—and the annual fee more than pays for itself. Here’s how I use it
  163. Climate change could increase inflation by 1% a year over the next decade, but it’s your food that’s going to get really expensive
  164. The growing skills gap could become as permanent as the labor shortage, a LinkedIn exec says. A.I. might be the solution
  165. Jamie Dimon hinted he’d consider running for office and Bill Ackman just gave him a gushing letter of rec to be president
  166. GSK’s CEO says you need thick skin if you’re going to step into the C-suite
  167. Could sleep issues put you at greater risk for Alzheimer’s-related memory loss? It’s possible, according to a new study. Here are the signs to look for
  168. The developing world wants to escape the dollar’s gravitational pull by shifting more reserves to gold
  169. Your memory and perception of time really did go haywire due to COVID lockdowns, study finds
  170. Nvidia’s CEO just gave a graduation speech about the future of work and said that A.I. won’t steal jobs but ‘someone who’s an expert with A.I. will’
  171. Jamie Dimon says the Fed should pause rate hikes, but he doesn’t think it will for long: ‘People should be a little prepared for that’
  172. Binance notified of investigation by Ontario Securities Commission 2 days before saying it would leave Canada
  173. ‘Prone to hallucinations and bias’: A Texas judge puts A.I. in its place
  174. Binance begins layoffs as top crypto exchange reevaluates ‘whether we have the right talent’
  175. Commuting costs $2,000 and 39 hours more than it did before the pandemic. It explains why no one wants to return to office
  176. National Eating Disorder Association shuts down A.I. chatbot it planned to use to replaces humans saying it ‘may have given’ harmful information
  177. Bitcoin records first monthly loss of 2023 as Fed ponders additional rate hikes
  178. The labor market just posted surprise gains and added the most jobs since January—That makes the Fed’s job a lot harder
  179. Jamie Dimon hints that he’ll run for office when he’s done with JPMorgan : ‘I’ll serve my country in one capacity or another’
  180. People have started posting their credit scores on dating profiles—it’s winning them more matches and better dates
  181. Yeezys go back on sale as Adidas liquidates its inventory after Kanye West debacle
  182. MoonPay executives cashed out $150 million in equity just months before crypto crash
  183. Chase Freedom Unlimited review: Well-rounded rewards card with no annual fee
  184. Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s background as a daughter of Taiwanese immigrants shapes her approach to global trade policy
  185. America’s national beer could soon be Mexican as Memorial Day weekend sales drop plunges Bud Light further into crisis
  186. ‘Your company should not be seen as your own private Tinder universe’: With British TV icon mired in scandal over junior staffer affair, experts warn why it’s never okay for a boss to date a junior worker
  187. Bitcoin miners have averted a tax crisis for now, but the threat still looms for the ‘energy-hungry crypto kings’
  188. CEO annual pay only rose 0.9% last year. But at almost $15 million, it would still take an average worker two lifetimes to make
  189. Magic raises $52 million to grow crypto ‘wallet-as-a-service’ used by corporate clients like Mattel and Macy’s
  190. I got rich in Russia and got out in time, twice. Here’s what I learned about democracy and free markets
  191. Airline starts weighing its passengers in order to make flights ‘safe and efficient’
  192. Food stamp compromise between Biden and Republicans would cost more, not save money as GOP expected, CBO says
  193. The Supreme Court is expected to strike down affirmative action in university admissions. It could impact corporate diversity programs
  194. Is your chatbot hallucinating? A ‘bot debate’ could produce better A.I. answers, according to new research
  195. A group of venture capitalists is rallying around Joe Lonsdale’s new university in Austin
  196. One of A.I.’s 3 ‘godfathers’ says he has regrets over his life’s work. ‘You could say I feel lost’ 
  197. The health benefits of a flavonol-rich diet: Eating apples, teas, and berries can improve your memory
  198. Mark Zuckerberg shares his rigorous Memorial Day ‘Murph challenge’ workout with his daughters
  199. Amazon headquarters workers set to walk out over layoffs and return-to-office mandate
  200. Intel struggles to make good on chip-making bet as rivals like Nvidia get ahead: ‘We didn’t get into this mud hole because everything was going great’
  201. Future Fortune 500 CEOs: 11 up-and-comers that leadership experts see as generational standout bosses
  202. For the next generation of star CEOs, experience alone isn’t enough. Here’s what they need to reach the top rung
  203. ‘Red-blooded capitalist’ Jamie Dimon defends JPMorgan’s straddling of the U.S. and China: There ‘won’t be a decoupling, and the world will go on’ 
  204. Elon Musk says home prices will tumble ‘next’—Redfin’s CEO disagrees
  205. Here’s what disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will find in her Texas minimum-security prison camp
  206. Biden and House Speaker McCarthy scramble for votes as debt ceiling deal comes down to the wire
  207. What ‘de-risking’? U.S. CEOs like Jamie Dimon and Elon Musk are traveling to China amid Sino-American tensions
  208. Travel during the Memorial Day weekend hit a new post-pandemic record—and the summer is only getting started
  209. Sam Bankman-Fried sets the stage to blame FTX’s massive fraud on a law firm’s advice
  210. Goldman Sachs plans another round of layoffs as Wall Street dealmaking screeches to a halt
  211. ‘Brutal’ changes to the National Spelling Bee have made things even more tense and generated major blowback
  212. This is why Nvidia deserves its $1 trillion valuation
  213. Just 5 stocks including Nvidia account for 96% of the S&P 500’s gains this year
  214. The debt ceiling agreement would mean no more student loan pause extensions if Biden’s forgiveness plan is canceled
  215. AOC calls out Elon Musk and accuses him of boosting a Twitter account impersonating her: ‘It is releasing false policy statements’
  216. Twitter’s value has plunged 66% under Elon Musk’s erratic leadership, costing him billions of dollars on paper
  217. Higher worker pay isn’t a major cause of inflation, Fed study finds
  218. Former Coinbase employee and his brother settle with the SEC, which again dodges proving whether cryptocurrencies are securities
  219. Internet sensation Mr. Beast has become the face of ‘stunt philanthropy’ by raising money for worthy causes —and a few ethical questions
  220. Amsterdam was the first city in the world to hire a ‘Night Mayor’—now the practice is catching on as cities look for help governing after dark
  221. Anti-LGBTQ backlash against Bud Light and Target could affect how other brands honor Pride Month
  222. High-profile murder case of tech CEO takes another turn after attorney for the accused killer quits
  223. This Supreme Court case could spell the beginning of the end for affirmative action. It’s a looming crisis for corporate America
  224. Getting rich is ‘surprisingly simple’ if you follow a 3-step strategy, says an expert on self-made wealth
  225. Former first lady Rosalynn Carter has been diagnosed with dementia, her family announces
  226. A slew of countries are asking fashion companies to pay for recycling programs as clothing waste becomes overwhelming
  227. ChatGPT could rocket Microsoft’s valuation another $300 billion after Nvidia’s massive gains, according to analyst Dan Ives
  228. Minnesota is about to legalize recreational weed and former pro wrestler turned governor Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura will be at the signing ceremony
  229. Hard-line Republicans are threatening to take their revenge and oust House Speaker McCarthy after he brokered a debt ceiling deal
  230. Brazilian banks are denying credit to meatpackers that deal in beef illegally raised in the Amazon rainforest
  231. Consumers are feeling gloomier about the economy as the labor market cools down
  232. Weight-loss surgery soars among adolescents as doctors take a more aggressive approach to treating obesity: ‘Why should we wait?’
  233. Sam Altman has signed a new open letter on A.I.’s dangers. Here’s what’s different about this ‘extinction’ statement
  234. ‘Succession’ fans are reeling from the series finale: ‘I will be thinking about this for a while’
  235. Nvidia stock soars to join the ‘Trillion-Dollar Club’—a group that until now has only ever had 6 members
  236. Ripple fans push up XRP price as conclusion in case against SEC draws closer
  237. The smear campaign over ‘The Little Mermaid’ movie is so intense that IMDb had to revamp its rating system for the movie
  238. Apple supplier offering factory staff $424 bonus if they can stick it out for 90 days ahead of new iPhone launch
  239. Corporations still have to perform China’s dance–but not if the music stops
  240. The easiest way to get a $7,500 tax credit on an electric car is to lease it and consumers are getting hip to the game
  241. Gen Z is more obsessed with smelling good than ever—and Burberry, Gucci, and Chloé bottles are raking in cash
  242. NBA fans on Twitter give Mark Cuban a brutal nickname after he asked a question about pirated streaming
  243. Amazon gives working parents school holidays off amid battle over increase on ‘poverty pay’
  244. As crypto embraces A.I., a major exchange scraps ChatGPT integration because ‘it’s very dangerous’
  245. A Texas university created by Palantir cofounder Joe Lonsdale and journalist Bari Weiss has raised some $150 million to teach ‘forbidden courses’ by people like Marc Andreessen
  246. New California labor laws could have an unexpected casualty: Wildfire-fighting goats
  247. Sam Altman and other technologists warn that A.I. poses a ‘risk of extinction’ on par with pandemics and nuclear warfare
  248. SoFi Bank Review 2023: Solid APYs and a long list of financial services, but no physical branches
  249. Why GSK’s Emma Walmsley ‘violently rejects’ the idea of ‘superhero’ CEOs
  250. Nvidia joins the trillion-dollar club
  251. These 3 scratch-offs have the best possible odds of a win right now—here’s what you need to know before you play
  252. The odds of winning big in Las Vegas just went down as casinos look to get rid of deadbeats
  253. New York City law regulating A.I. in the workplace to take effect in July
  254. Here is how much entry-level associates make at top VC firms, according to 5 VCs
  255. I want to feel sorry for FTX nerd Caroline Ellison, but I just can’t
  256. Elizabeth Holmes to report to prison for first day of her 11 year Theranos fraud sentence
  257. Most Americans say colleges should be able to use affirmative action in admissions, but race should play a small role, new poll shows
  258. How Citizens Financial Group survived
  259. Biden leans on both Democrat and Republican lawmakers to support debt ceiling deal
  260. Japan’s prime minister had to fire his son for throwing a party—and now might have to postpone the next general election
  261. A top economist nicknamed the ‘Money Doctor’ gives the Fed a failing grade when it comes to taming inflation and saving the economy
  262. Former Google safety boss sounds alarm over tech industry cuts and A.I. ‘hallucinations’: ‘Are we waiting for s**t to hit the fan?’
  263. The Money Doctor who has slayed inflation for 50 years says the Fed has overcorrected so badly it’s hastening the long-feared recession
  264. The return-to-office wars could end in a stalemate as we all reach the same conclusion about what the flexible future of work means
  265. Tech booster Cathie Wood can’t stomach Nvidia’s soaring shares: They’re ‘priced ahead of the curve’
  266. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says A.I. has made everyone a programmer: ‘You just have to say something to the computer’ 
  267. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says the A.I. frenzy marks the ‘rebirth of the computer industry’
  268. Plan for 30% tax on Bitcoin mining appears dead under debt ceiling deal
  269. Most family businesses don’t look like ‘Succession.’ Here’s what America’s enterprising families bring to the table
  270. ‘De-risking is just decoupling in disguise’: Beijing claims U.S. is ‘stepping up its siege of China’, not easing trade tensions
  271. Whether in China or the U.S., Gen Z doesn’t want your low-paying jobs. Stagnant wages and stigma around blue-collar work keeps them jobless
  272. U.S. employers have gone from opposing international labor standards to hiding behind them. Now a complaint is trying to stop U.S.-style union busting from taking over the world
  273. Gen Z teens are so unruly in malls, fed by their TikTok addiction, that a growing number are requiring chaperones and supervision
  274. Hawaiian surfer’s plan to build 7 million-gallon artificial wave pool fought by locals but pros think it ‘would be sick’
  275. ‘No one can predict how high they might go’: Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel says the A.I. boom is ‘not a bubble yet’ after Nvidia’s $184 billion rally
  276. Challenges from the right and left threaten to derail the debt ceiling deal no one really likes
  277. It took years to develop, but this founder finally created a perfect morning routine
  278. Florida areas battered by Hurricane Ian still haven’t recovered from $14 billion loss as new storm season looms
  279. Here’s what’s open (and closed) on Memorial Day 2023
  280. Debt ceiling agreement gets cheers from business, but conservative Republicans hate it
  281. China’s new homegrown jet makes its inaugural commercial flight, posing the first real threat to Airbus and Boeing’s duopoly in decades