ChatGPT experience is the latest in-demand job qualification

March 9, 2023, 12:28 PM UTC
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Ninety percent of leaders say that ChatGPT experience is a beneficial skill for job seekers, according to Resume Builder.
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Last year, the hottest new job experience was in Web3; this year, it appears to be ChatGPT, but experts say that may change.

For a tool that only just emerged in late 2022, ChatGPT has already had rapid adoption among employers. A recent survey from the career site Resume Builder found that out of 1,000 U.S. business leaders, 90% say that ChatGPT experience is a beneficial skill for job seekers. And they’re already putting the skills into play—almost half of employers report using the tool, and a third say they plan to begin incorporating it into their workflow. 

“The biggest thing that surprised me is how quickly people were jumping on and endorsing it,” says Stacie Haller, chief career advisor at Resume Builder.

Digging deeper into the data helps shed light on leaders’ high adoption rate. Eighty-five percent of survey respondents are under 44, signaling that many younger managers, or “the people who grew up in technology,” are adopting the tool. 

Many of the job descriptions that now list ChatGPT qualifications are software developer and engineering roles, says Haller. According to respondents, writing code remains the top use case for ChatGPT, followed by copywriting, content creation, and customer support. 

For those wondering if the loudening call for ChatGPT experience is just a fad, Haller says it’s too early to tell. “But it’s a reflection of people and companies who want to stay current, so why not get that talent and try to be the new innovative company moving forward.” 

And if you’re considering listing ChatGPT experience as a qualification for open roles, move slowly and be thoughtful about which roles will actually adopt the tool. 

“If the people understand how it fits into a company’s mission for the betterment of everybody as a whole, it might calm people down, so they don’t just think their jobs are being replaced,” Haller says.

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