‘So This Was a Real Toy?!’ Toy Bomb Game Pulled from Shelves After Intense Backlash

January 15, 2019, 9:07 PM UTC

Would you buy your children a game where the goal is to defuse a bomb? Many parents say no, and they’ve prompted many North American retailers to discontinue selling a game that did just that, The New York Times reports.

Called “Cut the Wire,” the game comes packaged in a box covered in flames as if an explosion has already taken place. In the game, children are asked to defuse a fake bomb, which looks like sticks of dynamite, during a set period of time. If they fail, an alarm will sounds, an explosion noise will play, and the dynamite will light up an vibrate. The game is recommended for children ages 6 and up.

Critics say that it’s odd to promote a game that involves bombs when there are already so many real-world scenarios where children might encounter bombs in their lives.

The game’s manufacturer stopped making the game in October, but it is still available on Amazon as well as a number of other retailers. Target has already stopped selling the game and Walmart has said it doesn’t plan to reorder it.