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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Will Make $31.5 Million Next Year — And He’s Not Alone

Netflix just released a report detailing how much money its executives are expected to make next year, and it’s a lot.

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings is taking home $31.5 million in salary and stock options as will Ted Sarandos, the streaming giant’s head of content. One big difference between the two: Hastings’ salary will be more weighted in Netflix stock, while Sarandos’ will be more cash based.

Hastings’ base salary is expected to be $700,000, while Sarandos’ is $18 million. This year marks the first year that the two men have been compensated equally by the company, CNN reports.

While both men received a raise this year, Hastings is getting just a 7% raise while Sarandos is getting a 20% bump in compensation.

Netflix’s Chief Product Officer comes in third place in terms of compensation. He will get a base salary of $10 million next year and stop options of $6.8 million.

CFO Davis Wells will receive a base salary of $3.5 million and stock options of $2.8 million, and David Hyman the company’s General Counsel and Secretary will receive $3.5 million in base salary as well as $3.85 million in stock options.

Netflix shares have risen 33% in 2018, despite the recent trouble in the markets. The stock is currently at $257. This time last year it was at $192.