Sony Uploads Entire Film to YouTube Rather Than Its Trailer

July 3, 2018, 3:41 PM UTC

Sony Pictures Entertainment gave film fans an unexpected treat Tuesday, seemingly uploading an entire film to YouTube rather than the trailer.

The video, which has since been pulled from the video site, was advertised as the red-band trailer for Khali the Killer, but an apparent administrative error resulted in the roughly 90 minute feature being posted.

The film stars Richard Cabral (from TV’s Lethal Weapon series) and focuses on a hitman in East Los Angeles who decides to take one last job to pay for his grandmother’s end-of-life care. Things, as you might expect, don’t go as planned.

The film is slated for an Aug. 31 theatrical release, according to IMDB. It’s available now on streaming services, though, which raises the possibility this is a publicity stunt from someone on the Sony team.

If so, it worked. The film received over 11,000 views before it was pulled, according to the Independent.

Sony Pictures Entertainment did not immediately reply to a request for comment about the incident.

If it was a slip, the timing wasn’t great. Sony Pictures has been struggling for some time and is still shaking off the ramifications from a late 2014 hack that humiliated the company and captured headlines for weeks.