All of These Restaurants and Stores Are Open on Christmas Day

December 25, 2015, 11:00 AM UTC

Sometimes, Christmas dinner just doesn’t come out like you thought it would. Or, worse, it doesn’t come out at all.

Traditionally, your best bet has been to hit the local Chinese restaurant and hope that it’s open. But you’ve got a few more options this year.

GOBankingRates has put together a guide looking at the restaurants, retailers, and grocery stores that will be open on Christmas Day. And, as you might suspect, it’s a fairly slim list – but there are some options for those seeking a meal, the ingredient they forgot or even a last minute present (though it likely won’t be the best one the recipient gets this year).


While a number of major chains, such as McDonald’s (MCD), Pizza Hut and Ruth’s Chris Steak House, are on the list, you’re more likely to find them closed than welcoming customers. The Websites of many of the restaurants warn that most stores are closed on Christmas, but since they’re often franchised locations, the owners could decide to welcome customers.

But a few chains take the opposite approach and say most locations will be open (though it’s wise to call first, just to be sure).

Bucci di Beppo – The Italian mid-scale restaurant will open at 11am on Christmas for both lunch and dinner – and is already taking reservations.

Denny’s – When Santa needs a Grand Slam after completing his rounds, he heads here. The diner will remain open 24/7.

Waffle House – Like Denny’s, this Southern institution keeps its doors open 24/7, ensuring you can get your hash browns scattered, smothered and covered whenever you’d like.

Dunkin Donuts (DNKN) – Most stores will have regular hours, letting you bypass making a big breakfast.

IHOP – Breakfast food all day is a theme amongst many of the restaurants open on Christmas (though like Denny’s and Waffle House) IHOP has a full lunch and dinner menu as well.

Starbucks [fortune-stock symbol=”sbux”]– GOBankingRates says most stores will be open from 9am to 6pm, but that will vary widely by location.

Panda Express – While GOBankingRates says the stores will have regular hours, a representative of the company says there’s no company policy on this – and the decision to open is up to the general manager of the store.

Need to pick up some eggs or milk?

Most major chains, like Whole Foods (WFMC), Publix (PUSH)and Trader Joe’s, are closed. Others, like Kroger (KR), may be open on a per-location basis, but there are a couple of chains that you may not think of as traditional grocery stores that can still help you fill the cupboard.

Rite Aid (RAD)– The drug store chain, which often has grocery staples, will be open regular hours.

Albertsons — GoBankingRates says the chain will have Christmas hours from 10am-4pm.

Need a last minute gift?

Really, the best bet if you forgot someone on your list at this point is online, with a promissory note and the white lie that it didn’t arrive in time. But if you feel you must have a physical item to present, you’ve got two options:

7-Eleven – A bag of chips and a six pack might not be the best gift, but it’s better than nothing, right? (Regular hours)

Family Dollar – If nothing else, you’re never sure what you’ll find there. (Regular hours)

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