Your coal's no good here.
Photograph by Bloomberg Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Jen Wieczner
June 20, 2016

The Fortune 500 rankings are based on revenue, not stock returns. That’s why, every year, several companies make the list that have punished their shareholders far more than rewarded them.

This year’s list partly reflects performance in 2015, during which time falling oil and gas prices savaged Peabody Energy (btu) and Chesapeake Energy (chk), which lost 93% and 77%, respectively; while falling ad sales and mounting losses crushed iHeartMedia (ihrt).

With oil on the rebound recently, the lineup of worst-performing stocks has shifted somewhat in the first half of 2016. For this article, we assessed the Fortune 500 companies based on their stock performance from the time last year’s list came out up to the release of the newest list—June 4, 2015 through June 3, 2016.

You can find a list of the biggest stock losers in that time frame, below the chart. And you can visit our new Fortune 500 list for more news and information about America’s biggest companies.



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