By Jen Wieczner
June 25, 2015

Just because a company succeeded in making the Fortune 500 does not mean it rewarded its shareholders—in fact, every year, at least a handful of corporations fail miserably in the stock returns department. While the average Fortune 500 stock returned 14.2% in 2014 (the year on which the new list is based), a handful of companies lost more than a third of their market value throughout the year—and some lost more than half.

Falling energy and commodities prices were a common theme among the worst-performing stocks on this year’s list. Still, this year’s companies didn’t do quite as poorly as the ones on the previous edition. The previous worst performer, NII Holdings, lost more than 61% in 2013. (NII fell off the Fortune 500 this year.)

Of course, stock performance does not factor at all in a company’s Fortune 500 ranking, which lists the largest U.S. companies in terms of their revenues. It does, however, help to determine a company’s market value. To see this year’s list ranked by that metric, go to our new, sortable Fortune 500 database and filter by “Mkt Value.”

Want to see which Fortune 500 stocks lost the most money last year? Read on for our list of biggest loser stocks—in order from worst to just really bad.


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