Fortune Modern Board 25

The Modern Board 25 is our list of the most innovative boards of directors among S&P 500 companies. It’s based on the belief that in a rapidly changing business climate, innovation at the board level—and the high performance that comes with it—can be predicted based on who is in the room. As companies seek to drive change on talent strategy, diversity, sustainability, and social issues, they’ll need more diversified leadership at the very top. But they’ll also need the insight and strength that come with experience.   With that in mind, Fortune has collaborated with the Diligent Institute, the research arm and think tank of the global corporate-governance software company Diligent, to develop this ranking—based on criteria that include the expertise, independence, diversity, and tenure of board membership. At a challenging time, these companies are setting themselves up well strategically for long-term, sustainable growth.
Lead writer: Aman Kidwai. Research editor: Scott DeCarlo. Contributors: Paige McGlauflin and Nimah Quadri.