Change the World

Fortune’s Change the World list is dedicated to the idea that the creative tools of capitalism—the perpetual quest for a better mousetrap, fueled by the profit motive—makes business uniquely suited to addressing society’s biggest challenges. The 2022 list, our eighth, comes as the world is continuing to move past the COVID-19 pandemic, but as other crises, among them climate change, war in Ukraine, gender and racial inequities, and lack of economic opportunity, loom just as large. This year’s list also features 18 smaller companies, with annual revenue under $1 billion, whose focus on public-interest problem-solving is having an outsize impact—including a drone-delivery pioneer, a green-energy architect, a pharmacy newcomer, and two fast-blossoming vertical-agriculture growers. As always, our partner in selecting the honorees is Shared Value Initiative, a consultancy that helps companies apply business skills to social problems. For more about this year’s list, click here.