Kylian Mbappé

Pedro Salado—Quality Sport Images via Getty Images
  • Age
  • Title
    Professional Footballer
  • Company
    Paris Saint-Germain and France

Kylian Mbappé has made a name for himself through both his athletic ability and outspokenness. In June 2022, he criticized the French Football Federation for not taking a strong enough stance on racist insults from fans, and in September, he refused to participate in photo shoots for fast food and betting sponsors because they didn’t align with his values. When he was considering leaving his hometown club of Paris Saint-Germain this summer for Real Madrid, he received a personal phone call from French President Emmanuel Macron urging him to stay. Macron reportedly told Mbappé he was “too important” for France and could become (or perhaps already was) a national symbol that transcended sport. Meanwhile, Mbappé’s $128 million in earnings this year have made him the highest-paid player in the world—the first time since 2014 the distinction didn’t go to either Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. The burgeoning Mbappé financial empire includes production company Zebra Valley, which inked a multiyear deal with the NBA in June; a children’s foundation, Inspired by KM; and endorsement deals with Nike, Hublot, EA, and Panini.       Follow: Twitter Instagram