Christian Smalls

Courtesy of Christian Smalls
  • Age
  • Title
    Interim President
  • Company
    Amazon Labor Union

Despite facing the Goliath of e-commerce, Christian Smalls successfully led the formation of the Amazon Labor Union in 2021. A year later, a majority of workers at the JFK8 fulfillment center in Staten Island, N.Y., voted in favor of unionization. As the face of the movement, Smalls wears many hats, calling for support from politicians, raising funds, and rallying workers at other facilities to join the movement. While two other Amazon fulfillment centers have voted no since Smalls’ Staten Island victory, he’s committed to organizing all of Amazon’s 110 active fulfillment centers in the U.S. and to establishing a nationwide union at the forefront of the new labor movement. “My whole life, I’ve been organizing in one way or another,” Smalls says. “I recognized the moment we were in with historic wealth inequality and these corporations exploiting our labor, and I couldn’t not fight back.”       Follow: Twitter Instagram