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Khaby Lame, who became the world’s most-followed TikToker in June 2022, grew up in government housing outside Turin, Italy. When the pandemic hit, he was laid off from his factory job and began posting funny videos on TikTok. His wordless video skits, in which the 22-year-old pokes fun at overly complicated life hacks in deadpan style, have a universal appeal that’s attracted fans and sponsors. He’s worked with brands such as Hugo Boss, Google, and Binance, which pay him six figures for approximately six-second features on his TikTok channel. His manager tells Fortune that the social star is on track to make $10 million this year, largely from brand deals. His sights, however, are set on Hollywood: He spends his downtime watching cartoons in English and studying the language so he can eventually jump from the small to big screen.       Follow: Twitter Instagram TikTok