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November 4, 2019, 5:00 PM UTC

It’s no secret that SoulCycle has a dedicated and fierce (some might even say obsessed) following within its international customer base—some of whom see the fitness company not just as part of their lives but genuinely view SoulCycle as a lifestyle itself. Thus, it’s not uncommon for avid SoulCyclers to look up locations when away from home to get in a quick fix while traveling.

For those serious SoulCycle customers—or even just the curious—now they can go on trips with SoulCycle entirely. Much like parent company Equinox and its luxury hotel in midtown Manhattan, SoulCycle is going all in on selling complete, high-end experiences with the debut of Retreats by SoulCycle.

Organized and conducted in partnership with luxury travel agency Black Tomato, the retreats will be designed to provide SoulCycle’s customers with meditative spa and wellness experiences in various locations with SoulCycle classes led by instructors from across the country. Retreats by SoulCycle are designed for anyone, from long-time riders to customers completely new to the brand, according to a SoulCycle spokesperson.

“At SoulCycle, we always put our riders first and we do our best not only to listen to but also anticipate their needs. Taking a class at SoulCycle is one way to find time to be present for yourself but our riders are consistently asking us for more experiential ways to spend time with our instructors and each other,” SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan tells Fortune. “With Retreats by SoulCycle, we’re giving our community another opportunity to devote attention to themselves and deepen their ties to one another over the span of multiple days in a beautiful setting, outside of the day-to-day hustle.”

These trips are not all work and no play; destinations will be showcased through sampling the local fare as well as “opportunities to reconnect with the natural environment” when Retreats by SoulCycle launches to the public in 2020.

“Our classes are physical, musical, emotional, and community-based; some of our riders say we create a sanctuary, therapy, and release as the experience gives them space to connect to themselves,” Whelan explains. “Our retreats have been designed similarly. Each retreat is multi-dimensional and offers participants the opportunity to find their center through one-of-a-kind experiences in amazing destinations while also connecting with a like-minded community.”

The experiences are curated by top instructors and include activities focusing on community building and bonding, movement, and nourishing food.

For Black Tomato, this is not only gives the U.K.-based company a stronger footing in the United States, but it’s also the company’s first foray into the fitness space. Among Black Tomato’s previous partnerships for immersive trips include Hugo Boss and Goop.

Black Tomato and SoulCycle first collaborated in 2016 as part of a global wellness campaign titled “Travel Well.” Black Tomato approached SoulCycle for this collaboration to help the London-based firm revamp its “Art of Travel Kit,” a highly-curated pre-departure package of health and wellness gifts that Black Tomato sends to clients before they set off on their summer vacations. These kits included vouchers for SoulCycle classes and accompanying workout clothes from U.K. technical clothing brand Aday

“SoulCycle was interested in developing an experience for their riders that offered the perfect combination of Black Tomato’s luxury travel expertise and SoulCycle’s mantra of fitness and wellness,” explains Tom Marchant, co-founder of Black Tomato. “We then worked together to curate itineraries which combine fitness and wellness, but also revolve around a wider idea of luxury wellness to include wellbeing workshops and luxury experiences to ensure guests came away with a feeling of community and growth.”

When designing a co-branded retreat, Marchant stresses the accommodations are among the most important aspects of the retreats, ensuring the experience and property reflect both brands but also satisfy the expectations of loyal SoulCycle clients. “Black Tomato handpicked hotels that strike the perfect balance between luxury and experience,” Marchant says. This includes the Lucky Arrow Retreat in Texas Hill Country, a property set across 15 acres of Texas wilderness, chosen to complement an itinerary featuring mindfulness exercises with SoulCycle Master Instructor Melanie Griffith, breathing workshops with acupuncturist and Reiki Master Erin Telford, and stargazing at the hotel’s secluded lookout point. 

Each retreat will take place over the course of four days, and will have 20 to 30 guests. The cost of the trips will vary based on destinations and will be disclosed with further destination announcements from SoulCycle next year.

“For now, we are announcing one trip that will be available for purchase in Winter 2020 with plans to launch more throughout the year in different regions of the country,” Marchant tells Fortune. “The amount of retreats will depend on client feedback and finding the perfect destination pair that blends an bustling urban environment with a remote escape to fit the many energies which can provide exploration and relaxation.”

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