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Sean Spicer Has Joined the Cast of the TV Show ‘Extra’

Sean Spicer’s 15 minutes of fame isn’t over yet. He’s joined the cast of ‘Extra’ as a special correspondent.

The former controversial White House press secretary has signed a contract to appear on the entertainment-gossip-lifestyle show, starting with a special series that focuses on the personal lives on D.C. insiders, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Spicer’s first interview on the show was on Wednesday with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan. On Thursday, the show will feature an interview between Spicer and White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway as well as her children.

On Friday, Spicer will interview his White House press secretary replacement, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and her husband.

Spicer told The Hollywood Reporter that the goal of the series was to offer insight into the subject’s personal lives, not politics or policy and to “give people a different angle on some of the people they see on cable news channels every day.”

Despite Spicer’s relatively short-lived time in the White House, his position as press secretary has brought him fame (memorable Saturday Night Live skits with Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy impersonating him), and a number of interesting positions including as a speaker with Worldwide Speakers Group and a college professor.

Last spring, Spicer also indicated he was developing his own talk show.

Spicer’s time on ‘Extra’ might be limited. When asked how long he plans on being part of the show, Spicer said that he was taking things one day at a time.