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Ford’s Using Auto Technology To Put An End to Bed Hogs

Spend enough nights with a significant other and it’s bound to happen. You both start on your respective sides of the bed, but at some point, you’ll wake up and discover that you’re sleeping on the precipice while your beloved is splayed out like a Labrador Retriever on a hot summer day.

Ford—yes, the same Ford that makes cars and trucks—has a solution that could do away with a lot of the strife from bed hogging and be a potential marriage saver.

The automaker has partnered with a Spanish design firm to develop a mattress that uses vehicle lane-sensing technology to guide bed hogs back to their side.

The bed tech is similar to a car sensor that sounds an alarm when you start to veer off the road.

Instead, pressure sensors in the mattress determine when one partner is encroaching on another’s space. Once they do, an electric motor under the mattress gently moves them back to their side.

Sounds great, but unfortunately, it’s only been tested in a prototype device. And Ford doesn’t have plans to jump into the bedding marketplace.

This isn’t the first time Ford has explored products beyond its core. In 2017, it dipped its toes into the world of wi-fi connected baby cribs and last year showed off a prototype smart window that would let blind people “see”