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Ford Has a Plan to Help Babies Sleep Better

Forget self-driving cars. Ford’s new business line might be baby cribs.

It’s no secret that most babies can be lulled to sleep by the motions of being driven in a car. Now, automaker Ford (F) is actually testing a new, Internet-connected baby crib that simulates the same feeling of being driven by a car.

Called the Max Motor Dreams, the rectangular crib has a Ford motor that mimics the car motions of its line of C-Max cars. The crib includes LED lights designed to simulate street lights of an evening drive. The crib comes with a companion smartphone app that parents can use to play engine sounds or specify the type of car ride the child would experience in the crib.

However, the crib is just a prototype. So don’t expect to be buying a “Ford” crib at your local Babies “R” Us anytime soon.

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The idea of adding an Internet-connected motor to a crib isn’t new. Dr. Harvey Karp, a renowned pediatrician and newborn sleep expert, recently developed the Snoo, an Internet-connected robotic crib that will sense when a baby is awake and gently rock it back to sleep.