Apple Has Finally Fixed Its Bagel Emoji

October 16, 2018, 2:05 PM UTC

Apple has fixed a mistake that has annoyed more people than its MacBook butterfly keyboard.

In the fourth beta of its iOS 12.1, Apple (AAPL) has changed the design of its bagel emoji. The new emoji, which will likely launch with the official iOS 12.1, comes with a similar design to the predecessor, but adds in a more realistic consistency and adds cream cheese—two things that had been missing from the previous emoji, much to the chagrin of iPhone owners. The Verge earlier reported on the news.

Apple’s original emoji came with a rather dull design that looked plastic instead of doughy. And since it didn’t have cream cheese on it, many wondered what Apple was doing with its unrealistic design.

People who didn’t like the emoji took to Twitter and elsewhere to complain about its design. And although Apple did not and has not publicly commented on the emoji, the company clearly heard the complaints and worked on something far more realistic.

Of course, an emoji redesign likely won’t prove to be the most important update in Apple’s software. But the update does speak to the importance of emoji in the way people communicate today. And it suggests that accuracy in the drawings matters greatly.

Apple has yet to announce when iOS 12.1 will be available.