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Would You Spend 30 Hours in a Coffin For $300? Six Flags Hopes So

Six Flags challenges you to stay 30 hours in a coffin this Halloween.Jens Meyer—AP/REX/Shutterstock

Halloween might be the season of scares, but Six Flags St. Louis is taking things to a whole new level—for a very questionable reward.

The theme park will hold what it’s calling the “30-Hour Coffin Challenge” on Oct. 13-14, offering a $300 cash prize (along with two season passes) for one person willing to spend 30 hours in the 2-foot-by-7-foot container.

If there’s a tie, only one person will get the cash.

Oh, the winner also gets to keep their coffin.

Contestants must stay in their coffins at all times, except for a six-minute break each hour, when they’re allowed to step away for a bathroom break. They’re allowed to have a friend there for moral support during park hours, but they’ll be by themselves (and presumably a number of Six Flags employees trying to scare the hell out of them) during the dark, non-operating hours.

It’s unclear whether the coffins will be open or closed.

The theme park is currently taking registration applications to fill the six spots. Let’s hope, for their sake, the park has a plan in place in case things go wrong, as they did earlier this year when riders were stranded on a 205-foot tall roller coaster.