‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Director and Star Rent Theater to Support John Cho’s ‘Searching’

August 23, 2018, 2:30 PM UTC

Coming off the heels of a wildly successful opening weekend, the star and director of Crazy Rich Asians are sharing the love.

The film’s star, Henry Golding, and its director Jon M. Chu rented out a theater this week to support Searching, an upcoming film starring John Cho. Entertainment Weekly earlier reported on the theater rental.

“We both decided to buy out a cinema when it comes out and spread the support we have been receiving for CRA #GoldOpen,” Golding wrote on his Instagram account. “Can’t wait to see it, coming soon!!”

Crazy Rich Asians was the top film in the U.S. last week with $25 million in weekend ticket sales. The film, which is led by an Asian and Asian-American cast, has been widely celebrated by critics and moviegoers, alike. The film has proven so popular—and important to improving Asian participation in cinema—that talk of a sequel has already started.

Cho’s Searching, meanwhile, centers on a Korean-American family. In an interview with EW recently, Cho said that he’s inspired by the film’s ability to act “as if we’re past this moment where we’re talking about representation.”

“It’s an Asian-American family and it’s very specifically a Korean-American family,” he added, “and yet that doesn’t have any bearing on the story that we’re telling, so in that way I think it’s an example of the endgame for me.”