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Segway is Coming Out With Motorized, Self-Balancing E-Skates

Segway's recently announced e-skates the Drift W1.Segway's recently announced e-skates the Drift W1.
Segway's recently announced e-skates the Drift W1.Courtesy of Segway, Inc.

There were hoverboards, then there were scooters, and now there are e-skates.

Segway, the company known for its two-wheeled motorized personal transporter, has announced that it’s premiering e-skates called the Segway Drift W1 that are motorized and self-balancing. Segway hasn’t disclosed any specifics about the new skates including their range, speed, or cost, but the company did release a video that shows the skates in action.

While Segway notes that its new product is made with more than 800 patents, tech news website TechSpot said that the e-skates use the same gyroscopic balancing technology used in its two-wheeled Human Transporter.

In the video, the black and white skates used with regular sneakers and appear to be put on and taken off, with no strap visible that connects the skates and the user’s shoes. The video shows the e-skates being used similar to small individual hoverboards.

Segway plans a press conference for the new e-skate in July, so more information can be expected soon. The skates are also getting an unveiling at the IFA tech show in Berlin the following month, according to TechSpot.