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Behold the New Jeans Design Tailored to ’21st Century Life’

If you’re wearing jeans right now, there’s a good chance they weren’t designed for the 21st century. But rest assured that someone has addressed that.

Luxury denim company 3×1 and fashion designer Joe Doucet have partnered on a reimagined pair of jeans designed for the “21st century life.” In a blog post on his site, Doucet said that he and 3×1 believe the current jeans design is “a piece of 19th-century technology designed for workmen.” So, he’s updated jeans “technology to accommodate how we work and live today.”

First things first, Doucet and 3×1 converted the jeans pockets from denim to a microfiber that’s designed to be soft and won’t scratch your smartphone’s screen when it’s in your pocket. The coin pocket has also been enlarged on the newly designed jeans so it can accommodate credit cards. Better yet, the coin pocket is made from an “RFID blocking fabric” so no one with the proper tools can walk by you and steal your credit card information through radio frequencies.

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As you might be wearing the jeans while you walk at night, they also come with an 8-inch strip on the back leg. When you cuff them, the strip will be revealed and light will reflect off the jeans, so drivers can see you while you walk along the road.

Jeans, of course, are commonplace. But little has changed in their design over the years. Meanwhile, 3×1 and Doucet argue, our lives have changed and we’re now using different devices and payment methods to communicate. The new jeans design reflects that.

The 21st century jeans—which feature stretch selvedge denim from Kurabo, Japan for improve comfort—are available both men and women in slim and straight-fit designs. The jeans will be sold exclusively at 3×1’s retail store in New York City’s retail-heavy SoHo district and on the company’s website. The jeans cost $395.