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This Dress Made Out of Upside-Down Jeans Costs $445

Full Frame Shot Of JeansFull Frame Shot Of Jeans

Nordstrom’s $425 jeans covered in fake mud caused quite a stir last month, but now a new denim product may spark similar outrage.

Shopbop is selling a $445 dress made out of two pairs of jeans. Designed by the brand 6397, the “2 Jeans Dress” appears to be constructed out of upside down jeans that were woven together with adjustable shoulder straps.

Extra denim fabric is used to close up any openings in the dress as well. The construction of the dress also means the pockets are likely unusable because they are upside down.

“The original waistbands are left in tact, with the closures forming adjustable slits at the front and back,” Shopbop said on its website.


The latest expensive take on denim comes just after Opening Company started selling detachable jeans that can convert into shorts. Depending on the color, the pants cost anywhere between $425 and $460.