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Review: Colgate’s New Smart Toothbrush Is Fun for the Whole Family

February 26, 2018, 4:37 PM UTC

Countless studies show that if you don’t properly brush your teeth multiple times a day, you’re more susceptible to major, and potentially life-threatening, health problems.

But not everyone knows how to properly brush their teeth. And kids, especially, might not want to sit in front of the mirror a few times a day brushing their teeth.

With its E1 Smart Electronic Toothbrush, Colgate-Palmolive is hoping to address all those issues.


The Colgate E1 is a simple electronic toothbrush with a bland all-white design. It comes with two removable heads, so you and another person can use it. The heads vibrate while you’re brushing to do a better job of cleaning your teeth than manual alternatives.

The E1 comes with a charging pad that you can leave your toothbrush on to ensure its battery is always ready for you.

Overall, the E1’s design is rather boring. And it feels cheap next to my Oral-B, which, to be clear, is a substantially more expensive toothbrush.

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The Secret Sauce

After I broke the E1 out of the box, I was told to download a free Colgate Connect app from Apple’s App Store. I linked the toothbrush to the app and was immediately given the opportunity to track my brushing.

The app has several programs that guide you as you brush your teeth. One, called Coach+, shows a 3D depiction of teeth and guides you as you brush along each quadrant. Another, called Coach, tells you where you should be brushing. Two games—Go Pirate! and Rabbids Smart Brush—also aim at helping you brush your teeth.

The E1 wirelessly connects to the app via Bluetooth and tracks your movements as you’re brushing. If you move too quickly from one quadrant to another, the app’s programs will tell you to go back. It’s also smart enough to tell when you’re not efficiently cleaning individual teeth.

Along the way, built-in algorithms analyze your brushing patterns, track how long you’ve brushed your teeth, and give you insight into how you can improve.

The Brushing Experience

Colgate’s E1 does a fine job of tracking the brush head and identifying where it is in relation to my teeth. But when I quickly moved from one side to another, it took some time to catch up.

I like that the app tracks your average brushing duration and grades your brushing aptitude. I often found myself reviewing those metrics and focusing on the teeth I missed when I’d brush them again.

The games were fine, but designed more for kids. In fact, I could see the games being a great way for kids to stick with brushing as they try to move around a virtual world with their toothbrush.

The big problem with the E1, however, is that my teeth didn’t feel as clean or as thoroughly brushed as they normally are with my Oral-B. I often found myself going back to the Oral-B to get that “fresh” feeling I didn’t always get from the Colgate E1.

Ultimately, I liked the data I could get from the Colgate Connect app, but the toothbrush itself fell a little flat.

Pricing and Availability

Oddly, the Colgate E1 is available exclusively at Apple Stores and works only with an iPhone. So, if you’re an Android user or looking for a toothbrush elsewhere, move along.

If that’s not a problem, you can pick up the E1 for $99.95.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a smart toothbrush that will entice your kids to do a better job of brushing their teeth, the Colgate E1 might be for you. The same might be true for those who want to transition from a manual to electric toothbrush. But there are some limitations to the toothbrush, including its Apple-only support, which might give you pause.