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Someone Dressed Up as the Monopoly Man Was at the Senate Equifax Hearings

Turns out everyone wants to know what caused the data breach at Equifax (EFX), even the Monopoly Man.

One of the people attending the ongoing Senate Banking Committee hearing today (in which Equifax CEO Richard Smith is testifying) decided to dress up for the occasion. He’s there as Rich Uncle Pennybags, the mustachioed, top-hatted, monocle-wearing character that appears on so many Chance and Community Chest cards in the game.

Who is the hearing attendee? No one knows yet. But he’s a master of photobombs, often appearing over Smith’s shoulder in television coverage of the testimony. To Smith’s credit, he hasn’t acknowledged the person (apparently a protestor) at all.

Smith will appear before three committees on Capitol Hill this week, discussing the more than 145 million customers affected by the company’s massive data breach, which Equifax announced in September.