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This New Game Lets You Run Your Own Virtual Winery


If you’ve ever wanted to build your own winery, now’s your chance — at least to build one on your computer. General Interactive Co. released a new game today called Terroir: A Wine Making Tycoon Game. Part Farmville, part The Sims, the game allows you to build and run your own virtual vineyard.

Playing the game comes pretty close to how running a winery would work in real life. Tasks include deciding which types of grapes you want to grow, overseeing their growth (weather conditions, based on actual weather patterns in Bordeaux, are a factor), and managing the business. Oh, and you’re responsible for the winemaking itself, a process that includes crushing the grapes, fermentation, pressing, and aging the wine. Players get to choose what type of wine they’d like to make.

The one big downside? Once you make all that virtual wine, you won’t be able to drink it.

The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and costs $14.99 to download.