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Oreo Surprises Fans With Cookies Based on Their Flavor Ideas

Oreo fans have been busy coming up with flavor ideas for the #MyOreoCreation contest, and some even got a taste of the actual cookies when the Oreo Wonder Vault surprised some of the participants with packages of their creations.

Test flavors included coffee, salted caramel, avocado, popcorn, “galaxy,” raspberry danish, pineapple upside down cake, cherry cola and “unicorn.” Happy fans took to social media to share their special deliveries.

The #MyOreoCreation contest is still going on, and people are able to submit ideas now through July 14. According to a spokesperson from Oreo, people will still have the opportunity to have their creations sent to them.

The flavors are strictly used for exploring options and do not have any influence on the contest finalists.

The Oreo Wonder Vault is also testing new chocolate candy bar prototypes. Candy bar flavors include millennial pink, birthday cake, mermaid, unicorn, summer black out, New York cheesecake and firework.