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iPhone 10th Anniversary: All the Latest Rumors

Apple released the first iPhone 10 years ago, and since then the handset has become one of the top-selling gadgets of all time, revolutionizing mobile computing while the company has taken the world by storm. All that success has translated into widespread speculation about the next iPhone and whatApple might have planned for the future.

This year rumors have hit a fever pitch, thanks to speculation that Apple may be planning to unveil three new iPhones. Two of them, believed to be known as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, will offer minor upgrades over last year’s models, according to reports. But there’s a third in the works, which could be known as the iPhone 8 or iPhone X (or something else entirely) that could deliver major updates.

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This most advanced model is said to come with a curved screen featuring organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. This display technology promises better resolution and more accurate color representation, and is available currently in Samsung’s Galaxy S8 line of devices.

But Apple won’t stop there. The company is also reportedly planning a completely new design using glass as its main material. The latest reports suggest Apple has found a way to do something that Samsung has not: placing the handset’s fingerprint beneath into the screen. That would mean Apple could move the iPhone 8’s home button under the display, eliminating the need for a physical button on the front of the device and allowing for a bigger screen. Some reports have even said that the iPhone 8’s entire face will be covered by its screen.

Expanding the surface area for the iPhone could stretch the smartphone’s display to 5.8 inches, making it notably larger than the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

The notoriously secretive Apple hasn’t commented on its iPhone plans for later this year, so all reports should be considered with skepticism. However, the sheer number of rumors stacking up about the iPhone 8 is staggering. And perhaps more importantly, those reports, which all cite sources who claim to have knowledge of the company’s plans, are increasingly describing the same features. This suggests Apple might be finalizing its design.

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Reports have also said Apple is considering deliver handsets with the wireless-charging option. Several competitors, including Samsung (SSNLF), already offer wireless charging in their devices. However, most reports now say that Apple is planning to catch up to its competitors. Apple did reportedly consider wireless charging for its iPhone 7, but the feature was missing when the phone was unveiled last year. There has been some debate whether all of the three alleged iPhone models coming this year would offer wireless charging, or whether it would just be the iPhone 8. Apple, of course, isn’t saying.

Apple may also be planning some camera differences in this the forthcoming iPhone lineup. The standard iPhone 7s will only come with one lens on the back, according to reports, but Apple is planning a dual-lens array on both the iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8, the rumor mill claims. However, the iPhone 8’s camera array will be vertical, rather than horizontally aligned like in the iPhone 7s Plus. Some experts say a vertical alignment offers a slightly better picture than a horizontal option.

So the last big question is when might Apple unveil its 10th anniversary iPhone? It’s hard to say. But most reports peg the announcement at early September.

The iPhone’s actual release date is also a moving target. Depending on supply, it’s possible customers could get their hands on the smartphone in September. Other reports say Apple’s manufacturing partners might need a little more time, and customers won’t get the device until October or November.