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This Brilliant Video Explains the Entire ‘Silicon Valley’ Opening Sequence

TJ Miller as Erlich Bachmann in HBO's "Silicon Valley".TJ Miller as Erlich Bachmann in HBO's "Silicon Valley".
TJ Miller as Erlich Bachmann in HBO's "Silicon Valley".Courtesy of HBO

Silicon Valley just aired the final episode of its fourth season on Sunday, but fans of the popular HBO comedy have a little something to hold them over until it returns next year.

YouTube user Shots Fired created an extensive video breaking down the show’s title sequence. The intro is just ten seconds long, but it’s chock-full of inside jokes and history pertaining to the tech companies that inhabit the world of tech.

Over the course of the nearly eight-minute-long video, Shots Fired details every company found in the “toy valley” from established giants like Google and Intel, to newcomers like Slack and Soylent, along with companies with shady histories like Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos.

The video also goes into the intro’s not-so-subtle symbolism. Uber and Lyft, for example, are portrayed as hot air balloons (read: transportation) colliding into each other to represent their rivalry, while Facebook’s logo in the sequence is shown “eating up” its many acquisitions such as Oculus and WhatsApp, with Snapchat’s ghostly logo floating nearby.

No backstory goes unnoticed by Shots Fired: “Parachuting past from the Twitter logo are recently-fired Twitter executives getting their ‘golden parachute’ severance packages. These guys got fired, but still made millions,” the narrator explains.

HBO has renewed Silicon Valley, with Season 5 set to premiere sometime in 2018.