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Watch Apple Park’s Construction Progress Over the Last Year

As Apple employees prepare to move in to their new headquarters, one documentarian is looking back over the past year to show what it took to get them there.

Documentarian Matthew Roberts on Sunday published his latest drone video, recapping progress for the construction of Apple Park—the official name of Apple’s new headquarters—over the last 12 months. The video focuses in part on the company’s main, ring-shaped building, where most of the 12,000 Apple (AAPL) employees slated to work there will find their offices. In June, the building, which has been called the “spaceship” because of its design, still didn’t have a roof and construction crews were working feverishly to gets solar panels up there.

As the months wore on, however, construction crews made significant progress, and most of the solar panels were sitting atop the building by the end of the year. Now it appears to be nearly completed, if it’s not done already.

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Apple Park is the brainchild of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and has been under construction in Cupertino, Calif. for the last several years. In addition to the main, 2.8-million-square-foot building, it will have a 100,000-square-foot fitness center, numerous restaurants, and a research-and-development facility, among other facilities. When it’s complete, Apple Park will also be surrounded by 9,000 trees, an orchard, a meadow, and a pond. It’ll also be completely powered by renewable energy.

After the main building, Roberts took viewers on a tour of a new auditorium Apple has planned, which will be known as the Steve Jobs Theater. However, unlike the main office building, the auditorium’s construction progress has been slower, and the 1,000-seat facility is still in full-on construction mode.

Apple Park’s massive underground parking tunnel also appears to be under construction, but coming along nicely over the last year. The research-and-development facility, however, is fully completed.

Apple employees are slated to start moving into Apple Park soon. Apple has said that it will likely take six months to move employees into the facility.