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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Gives President Trump an ‘F’ for His First 100 Days

April 25, 2017, 12:45 PM UTC

Following now President Donald Trump’s election, one of his most vocal critics decided to show the public a united government front by applauding Trump’s anti-Wall Street and pro-working families platform.

Now, dozens of executive orders later, it’s the eve of Trump’s 100th day in office, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren is giving Trump’s presidency a big fat ‘F.”

“He’s a man who ran for office promising he’s going to be there to help working people. That was going to be his number one, number two, number 10 goal all the way through,” Warren told CNN’s Jake Tapper Wednesday. “What has he done? Well, first, he assembles a team of billionaires and bankers and hands the keys over to them—says to Goldman Sachs, ‘You figure out how to deregulate the economy.'”

Since Trump’s election, the candidate has brought several Wall Street executives, including Goldman Sachs alumni, into his inner circle.