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These Brands Are Openly Celebrating 4/20

April 20 marks National Weed Day in cannabis culture, and some brands are not shying away from the holiday.

While marijuana legalization has spread around the country in recent years, the product still remains illegal federally — but these brands are using the occasion to appeal to members of their customer base who might be celebrating the annual event.

White Castle

The popular burger chain and subject of stoner cult classic Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle acknowledged 4/20, showcasing one of its trademark burgers inside of a “hot box” — a reference to a technique in which weed is smoked inside of a tightly-enclosed space to increase potency.

Ben & Jerry’s

It’s not surprising to see Ben & Jerry’s on the list considering its home state, Vermont, has a large pro-marijuana community. The ice cream-maker is offering a special deal that should appeal to those with a case of the munchies.

Insomnia Cookies

Speaking of munchies, Insomnia Cookies is strategically offering its “biggest deal of the year” on April 20 with an offer of six of its chocolate cookies for $4.20.


The cable network used a little clever word play to advertise a scene featuring a garage full of marijuana from one of its most popular television shows, Silicon Valley.


iHeartRadio used an icon of cannabis culture, Snoop Dogg, to link to its “WeedStream” radio station. It’s no coincidence the tweet was posted at 4:20 a.m.


The two clothing companies teamed up to promote a pair of limited-edition “Jamaica” shoes available for purchase on April 20.


Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, and the state’s local Uber affiliate is looking to take advantage. Riders in Denver can receive a discount of $4.20 with the promo code “SAFE420.”

Comedy Central

Comedy Central made their celebration pretty clear with the help of Broad City stars Abbi Jacobs and Ilana Glazer.

Dos Toros

The New York City-based Mexican chain used a popular meme format to give a special offer for the holiday.

Bonus: Wyoming, Minn. Police Department

It may not be a brand, but a small town police department in Minnesota (not to be confused with the state of Wyoming) tweeted a photo of its “undercover operations” for National Weed Day. Twitter users are loving the joke — there are more than 60,000 likes as of Thursday afternoon.