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President Trump Should Stop Tweeting, Say Two-Thirds of America’s CFOs

One man’s tweeting habit is keeping investors on edge, and companies like Lockheed Martin (but not Nordstrom) have been learning the hard way how President Donald Trump’s 140-character messages could affect their stock prices.

That’s why two-thirds U.S. corporate finance chiefs wish his 140-character tirades would just stop, according to a survey of over 350 American CFOs by Duke University, released Wednesday. A majority also think Trump should stay with prepared remarks in public speeches.

“CFOs are very clear. They don’t like the fluctuations and uncertainty that result from how President Trump communicates to the public,” John Graham, a Duke business professor who directed the survey, stated in a media release.

For more on Trump, watch Fortune’s video:

The percentage of CFOs who want Trump to stop tweeting is similar to that of the general U.S. population, according to an earlier, separate Quinnipiac poll conducted before his inauguration.

But it’s not all bad news for Trump from the CFO survey.

Trump’s plan to lower corporate income tax rate to as low as 20% was well-received, with 86% of all surveyed CFOs saying it would be a positive for the economy. Meanwhile, 58% of them support his plans to limit immigration from certain countries.

A total of 359 CFOs in the U.S. responded to this survey, according to Duke, which concluded on Mar. 10.