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This New Google Camera Could Be Your New Watchdog

Nest Cam OutdoorsNest Cam Outdoors
Nest Cam OutdoorsGoogle

Google (GOOG) is now taking pre-orders of an outdoor version of Nest Cam, which is touted to keep an extra digital eye on its owner’s lawn while sending activity alerts and video to designated smartphones.

The camera, which the company claims is as easy to install as the inaugural indoor Dropcam products, offers a 130-degree angle view of the home or lawn displayed in 1080p high-definition video. When motion is detected, alerts can be sent to the owner’s phone or email.

Users can then “listen” for what’s going on and talk to the visiting party, including being able to tell a delivery person where to leave the box on the steps—or keep mum while calling the police, if the case arises.

The Outdoor Nest Cam costs $199 and is scheduled to be available in 11 to 12 weeks.

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Google bought Dropcam, and its popular easy-to-install Internet cameras, for $555 million in 2014, a year after it dropped $3.2 billion on Nest, the company behind the Nest smart and Internet-connected home thermostat.

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The Dropcam group was folded into Google’s Nest business unit under chief executive Tony Fadell. This turned out to be a rather rocky marriage of convenience.

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Earlier this year, Fadell accused the Dropcam contingent of underperforming, an allegation that Dropcam co-founder and former chief executive Greg Duffy contested very publicly.

Faddell stepped down as Nest’s chief executive last month.