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Richard Branson Met With British P.M. Candidate Theresa May to Talk Brexit

Richard Branson and Virgin America.Richard Branson and Virgin America.
Richard Branson and Virgin America.Alison Buck—via Getty Images

After urging U.K. officials to seriously consider a second Brexit referendum, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson recently met with Britain’s leading candidate for Prime Minister.

The media and airline tycoon met with Home Secretary Theresa May last week, U.K. news site, a Virgin Management spokesperson confirmed.

“We can confirm that Richard Branson did meet with Theresa May last week. Richard shared his perspective on the business impact of Brexit and explained why he felt there needed to be more details on what Brexit means for the U.K.,” the spokesperson wrote in a statement to Fortune.

May, a Conservative, threw her name into the running for Prime Minister David Cameron’s replacement on June 30, after the latter announced plans to step down by October. Though she backed the “Remain” campaign, she clearly eliminated the possibility of another referendum.

“Brexit means Brexit,” May said upon launching her campaign. “There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin through the backdoor, and no second referendum.”


Branson was a staunch supporter of the “Remain” camp prior to the referendum. Now he’s made calls for U.K. officials to seriously consider a second referendum for Brexit. In June, the billionaire authored a blog post arguing that the “Leave” campaign had misrepresented the effects of Brexit.

Branson’s company has also been hit by Brexit already.

“Virgin Money shares have already dropped by a third—this is just one example of the disruption exiting the EU brings,” the spokesperson said.