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Nancy Pelosi On Apple CEO’s GOP Fundraiser: ‘Poor Tim’

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At least one prominent Democrat has an issue with Apple CEO Tim Cook hosting House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for a private fundraiser.

Speaking to SFGate in a phone interview late on Monday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) felt bad for Cook for hosting a fundraiser for Paul Ryan, saying that he likely received some poor political advice before deciding to hold the event.

“Poor Tim. What a nice guy he is, but somebody gave him bad advice,” Pelosi told SFGate. “He probably doesn’t think that much about politics.”

Pelosi, who has publicly decried Republicans and Ryan numerous times in the past, went on to say that Cook’s decision to host a breakfast for the House Speaker is not in-step with his own public comments nor those espoused by other Silicon Valley executives.

“When they say, ‘We don’t like what Trump says, but we’ll donate to his party,’ they’re either naive or they think we’re naive,” she said.

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Pelosi’s comments come a little over a week after it was reported that Cook would host a fundraiser for Paul Ryan on June 28. That report, which came from Politico, said that Cook made the decision to host the fundraiser “on his own accord,” since Apple itself doesn’t have a corporate political action committee.

The move, which has not been confirmed by Apple (AAPL), was met with skepticism by many who were surprised to learn Cook could support a Republican just days after it was reported Apple would not donate to the 2016 Republican convention. In 2008, alone, Apple doled out approximately $140,000 in MacBooks and other products at the Democratic and Republican conventions. The company made the same move in 2012.

However, Politico reported earlier this month that Apple has decided to sit out the 2016 Republican Convention over incendiary remarks made by the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. While neither Apple nor the GOP would confirm the report, a spokeswoman for the convention told Fortune earlier month that “major tech partners” will still be part of the event. She declined to name the companies.

While Democrats applauded the news, they were displeased to learn that Cook would host a fundraiser for Ryan, who has said (albeit hesitantly) that he would support a Trump presidency.

Without mentioning Ryan by name, Pelosi fired away on House Republicans, saying that “they’ve done worse” than Trump ever has. According to SFGate, she questioned whether Cook and other Silicon Valley executives even “care.” Something, in other words, just doesn’t add up for Pelosi, and she felt obligated to talk about it. And now, Tim Cook has found himself in the middle of political sparring.

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Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.