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5 Questions To Test Your Google IQ

Sundar PichaiSundar Pichai
Google CEO Sundar Pichai waves after delivering the keynote address of the Google I/O conference Wednesday, May 18, 2016, in Mountain View, Calif. Google unveiled its vision for phones, cars, virtual reality and more during its annual conference for software developers.Eric Risberg — AP

Google has had a huge year.

The biggest news came in August when the search giant made the blockbuster decision to transform itself into a holding company called Alphabet. That new corporate umbrella oversees a stable of quasi-independent businesses like Internet-connected device maker Nest, a sci-fi lab known as X that is developing a self-driving car, and, of course, Google, the ubiquitous search engine.

But morphing into Alphabet wasn’t the only big news come from Google’s parent this past year. For example, on two occasions over two months, Alphabet surpassed Apple (AAPL) in market value.

To find out how well you know Google and its siblings under Alphabet, take the following test and see how you score:


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