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Hostess Is Recalling Chocodiles, Ding-Dongs, Zingers, and Donuts

Hostess has voluntarily recalled 710,000 cases of packaged snack cakes and donuts, which are supposed to be completely peanut-free, after realizing that certain items were made with a flour that may have peanut residue. The recalled products include Chocodiles, Ding-Dongs, Zingers, and Hostess Donuts.

Any peanut traces could be potentially deadly for people with severe allergies to the legume, though the products are safe for those who have low-level or no peanut sensitivities, according to the Food and Drug Administration. There have already been two allergic reactions related to the peanut-contaminated Hostess products.

The flour was supplied by Grain Craft, and certain lots contained undeclared peanut residue. There was no relation to another well-publicized flour recall: General Mills recalled 10 million pounds of flour over possible e. coli contamination last week.


Grain Craft products are sold only to wholesale suppliers, not directly to consumers. The FDA is working with companies that purchased Grain Craft flours to determine if their products pose a safety hazard and also need to be recalled. Beyond the Hostess products, five other baked goods have been recalled. This includes:

  • Cinnabon Stix
  • Safeway 8″ Single Layer Red Velvet Cake
  • ACME 12″ Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Jewel 12″ Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Chick-fil-A Chocolate Chunk Cookies


The FDA is not legally allowed to release information about supply chains, such as Grain Craft’s customers. But it is continuing to update the Grain Craft recall page with associated specific products that have been recalled.

The full list of potentially contaminated skus can be found on the Hostess website.