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Yahoo Debuts of New ESports Section

left to right-Darshan (ZionSpartan) Upadhyaya, Josh (NintendudeX) Atkins, Danny (Shiphtur) Le, andleft to right-Darshan (ZionSpartan) Upadhyaya, Josh (NintendudeX) Atkins, Danny (Shiphtur) Le, and
"League of Legends" players compete at the Championship Series at Riot Games in Santa Monica, Calif.Photograph by Mel Melcon — LA Times via Getty Images

Right now, it may seem like not much is going well for Yahoo—it’s losing executives left and right, it might sell itself, and its plan to “simplify” itself has so far consisted of layoffs—but it still has one thing going for it: sports.

More specifically, eSports, the term used to refer to competitive video gaming.

On Wednesday, the Sunnyvale, Calif., company announced it’s extending its Yahoo Sports vertical, arguably one of its most successful divisions at the moment, to covering eSports. The new section will include editorial content about the competitive gaming industry via articles and videos, as well as event calendars, team rosters and rankings, and game statistics—quite similar to traditional sports coverage. Its website will also have a chat tool for fans to communicate with each other.

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To get going, Yahoo (YHOO) has already hired the first four members of its new eSports editorial team: Andrea Rene, Travis Gafford, Taylor Cocke, and Dylan Walker, all experienced video gaming reporters. For now, they will focus on covering League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm, and Street Fighter V, with additional video game titles added over time, according to Yahoo.

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This isn’t the first time Yahoo has shown interest in eSports. In October 2015, rumors surfaced that the company was in talks to buy Major League Gaming, a well-known organizer of video game tournaments, though Activision (ATVI) ultimately acquired the company earlier this year for $46 million. Other media giants, like ESPN, for example, are also investing in eSports coverage, and tons of smaller publications and blogs have long been dedicated to the industry.

Still, whether Yahoo can manage to grab a slice of the video gaming eyeballs on the web, which in 2015 reached 225 million, according to Newzoo’s 2016 Global Esports Market Report, remains to be seen.