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Netflix is Reviving This Classic 1960s Television Show

Cast Of 'Lost In Space'Cast Of 'Lost In Space'
The original cast of 'Lost in Space' in 1966. Photograph courtesy of CBS — Getty Images

Netflix is making a habit of bringing long-dead television shows back to life online, reviving beloved series such as Arrested Development and Gilmore Girls.

Now the popular streaming service has set its sights on a sci-fi cult classic from the 1960s. Netflix (NFLX) has reportedly bought the rights to Lost In Space, according to Deadline. The show,which was broadcast on CBS (CBS) between 1965 and 1968, followed a family of scientists on a mission to explore distant planets accompanied by a talking robot and a devious doctor who worked to sabotage the voyage.

No details of the deal have been announced, though Deadline reported that Netflix came out on top of multiple other bidders for the rights to the show and that the streaming video company has plans to adapt it for a new series. Netflix reportedly acquired the show’s rights from producer Thomas Tull’s Legendary Entertainment, which bought the rights from series creator Irwin Allen.

Hollywood last tried to revive Lost In Space for a 1998 movie flop starring William Hurt and Matt LeBlanc. The film was skewered by critics and failed to make a splash at the box office.

Netflix has generated a steady stream of buzz by saving a string of television shows from cancellation, including the recently announced Gilmore Girls reboot as well as the sketch comedy series Mr. Show, which the company recently brought back as W/ Bob and David. The streaming service is also rebooting the 1990s classic Full House as a series called Fuller House that follows some of the now grown-up characters.

Netflix did not immediately respond to Fortune‘s request for comment.