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T-Mobile leaves NYSE switches to Nasdaq, for ‘fun’

T-Mobile DishT-Mobile Dish
John Legere CEO of T-Mobile.Photo by Steve Sands

T-Mobile is switching stock exchanges: After a little more than two years trading on the New York Stock Exchange, shares of the wireless service provider will begin trading on the Nasdaq later this month.

The company has recently tried to differentiate itself from competing mobile carriers including Sprint (S), Verizon (VZ), and AT&T (T), which all trade on the NYSE. T-Mobile (TMUS) now refers to itself as “America’s Un-carrier.”

T-Mobile’s shares will trade on the Nasdaq starting October 27, the company said Friday. It will keep its same ticker symbol: TMUS.

The transfer is in line with T-Mobile’s attempts to position itself as a more tech-savvy and forward-thinking alternative to its rivals, with both the company (and its CEO John Legere) using Twitter (TWTR) hyperactively and even touting the company at music festivals.

Listing on the Nasdaq, known as the preferred stock exchange for tech company darlings and upstarts, symbolizes T-Mobile’s desire to fit in with that group, according to the company. “Our business model is industry innovation and disruption,” T-Mobile CFO J. Braxton Carter said Friday in announcing the switch. “So we’re thrilled to be joining all the other future-focused innovators listed on NASDAQ. This is going to be fun.”