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Here’s what Republican candidates are doing for tonight’s Democratic debate

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has a copy machine and he isn't afraid to use it.Photograph by Mandel Ngan — AFP/Getty Images

Tonight in Las Vegas, a political debate will take place. This one, though, will involve the Democratic candidates for president, giving the Republican hopefuls a night to sit back, relax, and perhaps launch some spitballs via social media.

While not every candidate has said just what he or she will be doing this evening, here are a few examples of what we can expect from the presidential contenders on the other side of the aisle.

Donald Trump has announced he plans to live-tweet the Democratic debate, letting the world know his thoughts on the performances of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and others. Trump says it’s by popular request, although it probably doesn’t take much to get Trump to share his thoughts, especially about his rivals.

Trump may be live-tweeting the debate, but Rand Paul is taking the social media approach even further. He’s been livestreaming his entire day on Facebook (FB), and will continue to do so throughout the debate, letting us know what he thinks in real time.

At least one candidate doesn’t have time to watch the debate: Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana governor is still floundering in the polls, and a representative told Fortune that Jindal will be working an event in Iowa during the debate.

Bad poll numbers are no concern for Senator Lindsey Graham, though. Despite trending pretty far down the list of candidates, the South Carolina Senator will be sharing his thoughts on Twitter (TWTR), Facebook (FB) and Sidewire, according to a spokeswoman.

Fox News reports that Florida Senator Marco Rubio also won’t be watching this evening’s debate. Why? Because he’s busy, and because he doesn’t want to watch a “race to the left.”